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Mono Nov launches innovative packaged system

Mono® NOV, Europe's leading designer and manufacturer of pumps, parts, Munchers®, screens and packaged systems, has launched the Discam, a unique new grinder and screen package, which offers a much more effective and low maintenance alternative to handling screenings than conventional systems.

With a capacity of up to 16,000m3/h, the new Discam has the ability to capture up to 95% of solids at 5mm or 9mm aperture sizes. This innovative solution, which combines the self-cleaning Discreen® with a high torque Muncher, needs no manual attendance or cleaning and eliminates the disposal costs of handling debris extracted by traditional screening processes.

The Discam is constructed using a series of shafts. two of which are fitted with interleaving cutters and spacers to give 'positive displacement' solids grinding, whilst the remaining shafts are fitted with overlapping and intermeshing discs.

The rotation of the discs gently conveys solids and debris across the face of the screen to the cutter stacks, while allowing the main water flow to pass through the disc stacks. These solids are then macerated to a small particle size and retained in the main flow for further treatment in the process, or subsequent removal.

The Discam package also features a hi-flow side rail, which increases fluid velocity through the Muncher, while its lower cutter tip speeds keep wear rates to a minimum and ensure low noise and vibration, and good abrasion resistance. Typical applications for the Discam system include pump station screening and inlet works screening.

Commenting on the launch of the new system, Ian Hallows, Mono's business manager for Waste-Tec products, said: “Packaged systems, such as the Discam, can deliver significant improvements to traditional wastewater treatment processes in terms of both operating costs and onward handling and disposal costs.

“Being able to screen and macerate solids or debris in a single operation, with minimum maintenance, and within the existing channels, eliminates odour and manual handling, offering health and safety benefits”.

“Also, the Discam is very versatile and can be easily retrofitted into existing sewage pump stations or inlet works, as well as installed in new build facilities, making this high performance package suitable for almost any type of wastewater facility.”

The new Discam is available in range of channel depths, with 1,000mm, 1,500mm and 2,000mm options as standard. Critical spares across the range are standardised and, therefore, interchangeable across all machines, offering reduced spares holding.

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