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Mono Nov specified for Europe’s largest storm overflow

Stormscreens and pumps from Mono NOV, Europe's leading designer and manufacturer of pumps, parts, grinders, screens and packaged systems, have been specified for the Upper-Middle Arroyo Culebro (UMAC) Wastewater Treatment plant in Spain, the largest facility of its type in Europe.

Through its Spanish distributor, Albosa, Mono has supplied 32 stormscreens and 46 progressing cavity pumps to the UMAC Wastewater Treatment plant, which was designed to handle a maximum flow of 129,600m3 per day. These high performance stormscreens, which offer an alternative to conventional mesh and powered screens for handling storm overflows, have been installed to ensure that no contaminated solids are washed down into the river during times of heavy rainfall.

Sara Modrego, Assistant Manager at Albosa said, “The Mono stormscreens were specified because, as well as being self cleaning and offering low whole life costs, the screens are self powered and continue to operate in the event of a disruption in electrical power.”

Each of the stormscreens's mesh drums incorporates two arms, fitted with adjustable brushes. As wastewater flows into the channel and upwards through the unit, solids above 15mm are captured on the mesh. The screened flow powers a paddle wheel, which is mounted below and behind the mesh drum. This drives a brush wheel which subsequently cleans the mesh drum, returning trapped solids back into the main flow for treatment. An integrated scumboard protrudes into the main flow and deflects large floating solids away from the screen, increasing the screens' self-cleaning capability.

The stormscreen has a modular construction that is adaptable to existing civil works, with a range of diameters and length options to suit different overflow weir configurations. An optional data monitoring system is also available that incorporates status reports and event logging capabilities.

In addition to the stormscreens, each with a length of 2m and 15mm screening aperture size, the UMAC plant also contains four Mono Widethroat pumps and 42 progressing cavity pumps. These pumps transfer sludge generated from 15 kilometers of collection channels in the southern districts of Madrid, which the plant serves. They are installed to pump the sludge after it has been through the de-watering and sludge thickening process.

Based in Manchester, Mono NOV is Europe's leading designer and manufacturer of pumps, parts, grinders, screens and packaged systems, supplying many different sectors including, water and wastewater, food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical, oil and gas, minerals and mining and paper and pulp. Mono's product range includes heavy and light duty industrial transfer pumps, widethroat pumps, hygienic pumps, dosing pumps, solar pumps, as well as munchers and screens.

Mono Nov Group

The Mono Nov Group is a worldwide leader in pumps, parts, grinders, screens and packaged systems. With revenues in excess of $170 million, the Mono Nov Group has 700 authorised distributors across the globe and employs over 750 people.

National Oilwell Varco (NOV)

National Oilwell Varco is a leading provider of oilfield products and services to the worldwide oil and gas industry and has been since 1981. The company's headquarters are in Houston, USA and it has over 100 subsidiaries with over 1,000 sites around the world, employing 36,000 people. National Oilwell Varco, which has a turnover of $9.7 billion, acquired Mono in 2003.

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