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Montracon commercial vehicle trailer manufacturers improve safety with load retention straps

Montracon has today announced the availability of a load retention strap/ratchet system that promises to improve loading safety, load security and vehicle turnaround times.

Intended for curtainsider applications, load retention straps are clipped to lines wound onto and suspended from ratchets that in turn are hung from and travel along wires that run the full length of the trailer either to each side of the roof or along the centre of it.

Ratchets to each side operate in pairs with the strap suspended between them and down either side of the trailer. In the case of double deckers wires can be strung to cover each deck.

When loading, ratchet/load retention straps are drawn along the wires to the position required, the suspended strap then being easily pulled down to couple with a strap/tensioner anchored to the floor or side rave.

Once linked on both sides, the over centre tensioners are adjusted to clamp the load in place on the trailer bed, the ratchet line continuing to pay out until the strap is fully tight.

The reverse applies to unloading: the tensioners are released and disconnected, the overhead ratchet reeling in the retention strap to clear the load. Thereafter ratchets/straps can be drawn to either side to facilitate the quick unloading of a cargo or part cargo.

The number of ratchets can specified to suit operating requirements, with 13 per side or 13 along the centre of a 13.6m trailer being the likely optimum and ratchets to each side being considered the most effective solution for mixed size loads.

Speaking of the new load security system, Montracon sales and marketing director Paul Mead said: ‘Its safer and probably more secure than manhandling the retention straps; straps are stowed neatly when not in use; its flexible enough to release part loads while leaving the remainder secure; and its quick and easy to use.’

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