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Montracon commercial vehicle trailers improve safety for curtainsider operators

Montracon has moved to further improve safety and turnaround times for curtainsider operators, especially those involved in pallet distribution where all on foot are banned from the unloading/loading floor – at network hubs, for example.

Announced today, the latest addition to Montracon’s curtainsider range features a pair of rear mounted full height ‘gate’ frames with ‘curtain tracked’ top rails. One gate is hinged at each corner pillar. They are simply swung out from their stowed position – across the back panel, and locked in line with the trailer sides to effectively extend the curtain track behind the trailer, allowing the curtain to be drawn clear of the deck(s).

Drawing of the curtains can be completed in the marshalling area prior to entering the loading/unloading floor, leaving all pallets fully visible for unloading by a forklift. It also obviates the need to move the drawn curtain during unloading to provide forklift access to the pallet(s) otherwise tucked behind it and sometimes missed! Once reloaded the trailer is simply driven back to the marshalling area for the driver to redraw the curtains and swing/secure the gate frames against the back of the trailer for normal running.

Speaking of the new addition, Montracon sales and marketing director Paul Mead said: ‘It’s a win for safety and efficiency: once the curtain is drawn back in the marshalling yard, there is no need for the driver to alight from his vehicle until its back in the yard. Time on the unloading/loading floor is trimmed and, as the curtain pulls back clear of the trailer, the chance of any pallets being mistakenly left on board and returned to base must be almost zero.’

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