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Montracon delivers for John T

Within a few weeks of putting the first into service, Barry Docks, South Wales, based operator and Palletways member John T Evans Haulage had already ordered its second Montracon double deck curtainsider aimed at the pallet sector and launched at the CV Show earlier this year. It enters service this week.
The new model offers significant benefits in reducing wear and tear on the curtains, trimming turnaround times, improving safety and increasing load capacity.

The curtains easily draw fully back to behind the trailer rear panel – to leave both sides of the trailer clear for unheeded access. Out of harm’s way, the risk of the curtains or the curtain poles being snagged or damaged as the forklift un/loads pallets at either end of the trailer is virtually eliminated, as is the risk of toppling the pallets.

Before entering the ‘pedestrian banned’ un/loading zone at the pallet depot the trailer curtains can be quickly drawn back and secured in the marshalling area- the driver remaining in the cab throughout un/loading process. The reverse applies to vehicle departure.

The otherwise fixed full length second deck is height adjustable at the front, above the neck area, providing additional capacity, depending on size, for up to a further four pallets and lifting the trailer’s potential total carrying capacity to a maximum 60 pallets.

Speaking of the new trailers, Martin Chalke a Director of John T Evans Haulage, said ‘Certainly, the faster turnaround times and increased load capacity combine to give us an edge on vehicle productivity; we save on curtain repair costs and trailer down time; and anything that improves safety of the loading/unloading process has to be good.

‘Based on our experience so far, there is every possibility that when renewal comes due, the remaining nine double deck curtainsiders in our Palletways fleet may be replaced by the new Montracon model.’

‘These trailers are the way to go for pallet services,’ he closed.

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