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More motive power innovations from Enersys at IMHX 2013

EnerSys® highlights the advanced performance, efficiency and energy saving capabilities of the latest motive power innovations in its Hawker® battery, charger and management systems at IMHX. The company is the world leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications and offers a comprehensive range of products and services for lift trucks, mechanical handling equipment and electric powered vehicles.

The new Hawker XFC-Li™ battery is the first motive power design from EnerSys with advanced lithium-ion technology. This 24V, 38Ah battery offers significant benefits compared with conventional units including greater power density, longer pack life and excellent performance at low temperatures. The unique properties of XFC™ technology mean the battery can be opportunity charged during inactive periods, irrespective of state of discharge, without degrading its long-term performance or reliability. It is ideal for pallet trucks with duty cycles lasting up to 45 minutes and where operators want to maintain equipment availability without the complexity and cost of additional infrastructure. This includes intermittent handling applications such as offloading delivery vehicles or replenishing displays in retail environments.

Also designed for pallet trucks and with the same physical dimensions is a new 24V Hawker XFC battery with 82Ah capacity based on the same proven thin plate pure lead (TPPL) technology used in the existing Hawker XFC range of batteries. The XFC blocs incorporate pure lead plates that are much thinner than conventional lead alloy grids. These have lower impedance which enables higher current flows in recharge and discharge modes. The electrolyte is absorbed in a microporous glass mat separator with high absorption and stability for enhanced cyclic capability. These attributes ensure a full recharge is completed in under three hours from 60 per cent depth of discharge. The design includes a low voltage alarm (LVA) which warns operators whenever the battery reaches a specific depth of discharge and a Wi-IQ® monitoring device that stores comprehensive operational records.

Another recent addition to the Hawker XFC range of batteries is a 2V cell that can be used to create larger capacity batteries. These provide materials handling equipment manufacturers and operators with greater flexibility to specify plug-and-play power sources that can be charged for as long and as often as required to support total operational autonomy. The batteries combine advanced performance and high efficiency with low overall cost of ownership and are suitable for a range of applications including counterbalance trucks, reach trucks, pallet trucks, order pickers and AGVs.

These new Hawker XFC models are virtually maintenance free and require no topping-up with water for low overall cost of ownership. Rugged casing and the integrated design allows original equipment manufacturers to specify the batteries for plug-and-play and power-on-demand applications. Minimum gassing means they can be used in confined spaces, public areas and sensitive manufacturing locations.

New chargers from EnerSys include the Hawker LifeSpeedIQ™. This intelligent high-frequency modular charger supports flexibility and efficiency in the deployment and utilisation of a wide range of battery types. Its innovative modular design, fully-programmable performance and lower charging factor allows battery installations to be optimised for operational and energy efficiency with lower power consumption and reduced carbon footprint for improved sustainability. Advanced communication and remote diagnostic facilities enable battery facilities to be configured for standalone or centralised management. The charger can be used with all batteries with corresponding charging profiles to support lift truck, materials handling equipment, automatic guided vehicle and other motive power applications.

Battery management innovations introduced during 2012 include the Hawker BSI40™ and Hawker LifeNetworkIQ™ battery management systems. These provide electric lift truck and other mechanical handling equipment operators with flexible, adaptable and advanced battery management for fleets of all sizes. Each system offers energy saving, performance optimisation and other capabilities to promote life-long service reliability, efficiency and economy when used with high frequency chargers and batteries from the extensive Hawker range.

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