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More new features to be revealed on the innovative Martrans walking floor trailer

At this year’s Tip Ex, trailer manufacturer Paneltex Martrans is once again showing its latest design of walking floor trailers and the trailer on display this year will incorporate a number of additional features. By working closely with major aggregate producers in the UK, Paneltex Martrans has been able to refine the design of its established Lo-Tip walking floor light-weight bulk trailer, enhancing the performance and effectiveness of these trailers whilst significantly reducing the trailer tare weight.

The new design, with plank-sided body and Domex steel chassis, has reduced the trailer weight to increase payload. A clever re-design of the sweep retraction mechanism has allowed a reduction in overall length, whilst maintaining a 25 cubic metre capacity. The hydraulic system has been upgraded to cope with a greater pump capacity and oil flow rate. This gives faster operation of the floor mechanism and lower oil temperature.

Safety is further enhanced by fitting the banksman’s control on a wander lead stowed in a compartment at the rear of the trailer. Another safety feature is the taillights, which remain illuminated and visible when the door is lifted. This also places them well above and clear of any hot or aggressive loads being discharged. A 15-pin electric coupling removes the need for additional suzies for floor operation and cameras.

In summary, the Paneltex Martrans walking floor trailer on display features:

. 10m trailer with 25 cubic metre capacity, aluminium, plank-sided body, Keith V plank walking floor, Dawbard rollover sheet system, built to Aggregate Industries’ specification
. Tele-radio remote system allows driver operation from either outside or inside the cab, with emergency controls on trailer
. Four emergency stops
. BPW axles on disc brakes
. Wabco EBS 2M braking
. Alloy wheels and Bridgestone super-single tyres
. On-board camera system to assist driver with loading and unloading
. Strobes

According to Chris Berridge, Managing Director, Paneltex Ltd, the parent company of Martrans, "These trailers are ideally suited for the discharging of loose loads, such as sand and gravel, or alternatively for high temperature applications, including tarmac and asphalt. They eliminate the need for a tipping trailer yet they can carry a payload that gives a significant increase in comparison with the payload of a typical eight wheel rigid tipper truck."

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