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More warehouse management innovation from chess with latest empirica software

Advanced new features and functional improvements to enhance support for processes including real-time tasking, despatch load management and processing are delivered by the latest version of the popular Empirica Warehouse Management System from Chess Logistics Technology.

Key additions to the product’s Task-RF (real-time task management) module mean that Empirica now provides extensive visibility of work in progress and outstanding workload. New despatch management functionality meets demand for greater flexibility and new ways of dealing with variations in warehouse processes including consignment switching, de-picking and temporary
putaway with improved capacity planning and load build visibility. Also introduced is a new feature that will enable users to integrate more RFID-based processes with warehouse and supply chain operations.

“As a good warehouse management solution, Empirica already supports all key warehouse processes,” says Alex Mills, Sales and Marketing Director at Chess. “But the mark of an advanced solution is its ability to support a wide range of variations. In this latest release, we introduce new
features to complement Empirica’s existing functions and enhance what is already an extremely flexible tool for warehouse despatch operations.”

Among these features is a new RFID-based recognition solution for use in vehicle loading operations, which ensures 100 per cent product recognition and accurate loading of pallets using RFID tag-labels and despatch bay scanners. The ability to embrace all key supply chain technology, in addition to RF and voice which are already supported, is a cornerstone of Empirica’s development plan. RFID is seen as vital to fulfilling the strategic role of the warehouse in total supply chain visibility.

Another growing area in logistics is the demand for value added process activities, as manufacturers continue to reduce direct costs and third party logistics companies offer a greater range of services to extend their basic ‘sheds and wheels’ facilities. Empirica addresses this demand by adding
key features to its Processing module to deal with sub-kit assembly, process identification and back-flushing of donor pallets. These activities are typically carried out on paper, but using Empirica to manage the complex processes of stock withdrawal, modification and return with all of the correct confirmation and audit trails offers the prospect of paperless operations and productivity benefits.

Other areas included in this comprehensive release include system-held images to facilitate visual product recognition, auto-emailing for rapid ad-hoc communication of system data to third parties and extended booking diary functionality for complex booking slot management.

Empirica is designed for logistics operations working in the ‘Internet Age’. Its wide range of warehouse management functions and powerful standard and web-based interface capabilities offers the optimum solution for supply chain integration by providing customers and partners access to real time inventory and stock information. Empirica covers all key elements of warehouse management and has been designed for ease of use and rapid implementation for in-house, third party and contract based operations using conventional, RF or voice-based applications. Empirica’s three tier structure is designed to support a wide range of configurations and user applications: Empirica Lite is designed for straightforward or primary site operations; Empirica WMS is ideal for sophisticated RDC-type operations; Empirica Enterprise offers multi-company, multi-depot capability and is suitable for a network of stores or distribution centres.

Chess Logistics Technology Limited has provided software for logistics and distribution applications for more than twenty years and is recognised as a specialist in its field. The company has an extensive client list of national and international companies.

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