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Mosca demonstrates high-quality strapping for logistics processes at CeMAT 2014

Strapping machine specialist Mosca GmbH based in Waldbrunn, Germany, took advantage of the special display area "Innovative Logistics Solutions 2014" to demonstrate its high-quality strapping machines in the context of complete logistics processes. Mosca presented its versatile, high-performance SoniXs TR-6 Pro and the KZV-111 palette strapping machine. This year’s CeMAT, the world’s leading intralogistics trade show, focused on pioneering concepts and the state-of-the-art solutions for the logistics market of the future.

"We are very pleased with the outcome of CeMAT and our role as an exhibitor in the special display area ‘Innovative Logistics Solutions 2014’", said Adrian Ritzhaupt, Head of Product Management at Mosca GmbH. "Visitors took great interest in our strapping technology and we were able to make many new contacts." For logistical processes to operate efficiently, each part of the chain must be perfectly coordinated and run like a clockwork. A reliable strapping system at the end of a production line is just as important as the technology implemented at the beginning. "Strapping machines are used to bundle products and secure them for safe transport. This is why it is crucial to ensure that high-quality machines are deployed at the end of the chain."

High performance for the highest customer standards
The fully automated Mosca SoniXs TR-6 Pro is a high-end machine that quickly and reliably handles up to 45 strapping cycles per minute. This benefits operations with high product output and high demands on machine availability, especially in the printing, wholesale, logistics and pharmaceutical industries. Using a specialized B&R machine control, the high-performance SoniXs TR-6 Pro offers a variety of options for preprogramming strapping processes and optimally adapting to different applications. A versatile strapping editor enables variable settings for each product on the line. Customers can define a wide range of strapping positions and save these parameters as formulas that include transport speed, strap tension and package dimensions. The HMI touch panel makes the SoniXs TR-6 Pro easy to use. Operators can intuitively set various machine component parameters with the user-friendly interface. Available in four different frame sizes, the SoniXs TR-6 Pro uses energy-efficient, low-emission Mosca SoniXs ultrasonic sealing and is equipped with the proven Standard-6 strap path. This open system is easy to maintain and can be easily disassembled without tools. The CE marking from the factory eliminates the need for additional protective elements.

Easy to integrate into existing production lines
The fully automated KZV-111 palette strapping machine uses SoniXs ultrasonic technology and carries the Mosca GET Inside label that stands for energy-efficient advanced technology. Firmly established in the logistics industry, the KZV-111 double straps up to 61 units per hour. The machine can be easily integrated into existing production lines and operates with PP or PET straps. A strap tension balance system evenly distributes strap tension across the entire package surface. This is especially useful for rigid products. Strap tension is nearly equal at all strapping contact points for added stability. Optimized components, including an extremely narrow sealing top platen, make it easy to handle pallets with uneven load levels. The machine flexibly straps the different packing heights. Made from sheet metal, the sealing top platen is lighter, faster and more energy efficient. Companies that rely on extremely fast strapping cycles can order the KZV-111 with optional high-speed drive for vertical double strapping at up to 80 cycles per hour.

"The special display area ‘Innovative Logistics Solutions 2014’ was well attended throughout the show and we were able to benefit from showing our products in context", said Ritzhaupt. "CeMAT was an ideal platform to present our company and machines to a specialist audience."

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