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Mosca Pallet Press improves productivity and efficiency

Strapping equipment specialist Mosca Direct  has supplied a bespoke pallet press system to corrugated packaging producer Board24, part of the Logson Group. The new machine has had a substantial impact on productivity, operating at high speed while being extremely economical.

The Mosca KCR-131 pallet press incorporating a SoniXs sealing head has been installed at Board24’s Preston site as part of the company’s ongoing growth following the recent installation of a new corrugator.

The Logson Group is a UK-based group of corrugated packaging companies, collectively employing over 800 people with an annual turnover of £185m. Board 24 manufactures corrugated packaging, sheet board and boxes.

The company’s Preston site produces corrugated sheetboard supplied palletised to specific customers’ requirements. With the greater output from the new corrugator, Board24 required palletising equipment that could keep up with the increased levels of production. The Mosca KCR-131 pallet press enables the strapping of up to 200 pallets per hour, compared to 150 pallets per hour of competitor machines, Board24 has also opted for a spare sealing head plus a test rig so that troubleshooting and maintenance can be completed in-house and out of line. This prevents any stoppages in production or taking the whole machine out of service.

Previously Board24 needed separate machines for label application but the new KCR has been custom-built to incorporate top-edge protection, label printing and application into one machine. This increases efficiency, as the need for conveying equipment to move a pallet to a separate label printing machine is no longer needed. It also means less floor space is required and less involvement from operators, further streamlining and automating processes.

Board24 is an established customer of Mosca, with its Coalville site already having a range of machines. The Preston installation marks the continuation of the successful working partnership between the two companies.

Operations Manager at Board24 in Preston, Eric Marshall states: “Installation was seamless and had zero impact on productivity as it was carried out over a weekend. We have had no problems since the installation and the test rig and spare head have proved invaluable.”

He continues: “Mosca has provided fantastic training to our engineers and operators and, looking to the future, we would not even consider any other supplier as we have been so impressed with Mosca.”

Mosca’s SoniXs ultrasonic technology uses a patented high-frequency sonotrode to produce a strong and consistent seal. Suitable for both PET and PP strapping material, the ultrasonic sealing system offers a seal that is much stronger and far more resistant to tearing than a traditional heat-weld.

In addition, the SoniXs technology reduces sealing time as it only consumes energy ‘on demand’ and, combined with the omission of heating time, this leads to a 50 per cent increase in strapping speed.

No fumes, vapours or smells are produced due to melting strap and there is no residue build-up that needs to be disposed of, making it clean as well as efficient.

SoniXs technology also offers an increased working life – up to 50 per cent longer than a heat-sealing head. No moving parts make the head almost entirely free of wear, reducing component and incurred maintenance costs over its lifetime.

Standard features of the Mosca SoniXs KCR-131 include three strap track guides with three strap guide lances, two sealing units (one unit laterally adjustable), Siemens PLC control system, and operation via a Siemens 8inch touch panel which includes a changeover facility from PET to PP. A minimum conveyor height of 300mm means it can be easily integrated into any processing line.

Mosca KCR pallet strapping machines are part of a vast range of automatic, semi-automatic and fully automated strapping machines. Based on a modular design, they fit easily into existing lines to replace old machines or as part of a new project to improve throughput due to their speed and efficiency. The top-of-the-range German manufactured equipment is available in the UK from Mosca Direct Ltd of Cotgrave, Nottingham, which also supplies PP and PET plastic strapping, comprehensive engineering services and spare parts to the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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