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Mosca presents the first horizontal strapping solution

Mosca presents the first horizontal strapping solution EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H

Mosca presents the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H, the high-speed horizontal strapping machine for furniture and household appliances. The first horizontal strapping solution with SoniXs ultrasonic technology capable of strapping up to 180 packages per hour.

Manufacturers of furniture and household items predominantly use strapping to protect their products with corrugated cardboard or other materials for transport. Along with processing speed, one of the key challenges in preparing packages for transport is varying product heights. The EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H manages both problems with ease. Up to ten individually programmable settings ensure a wide variety of products can be securely strapped. The operator simply selects a program on the touch panel. Alternatively, a sensor can measure the height of a product and automatically strap products based on the parameters set by the customer. The SoniXs side sealing unit and reduced wear electromechanical components ensure a smooth, reliable operation, even at high cycle rates.

“Our customers – especially those in the furniture and household appliances industries – are always looking for strapping machines that work perfectly. A breakdown can potentially halt their entire production,” explains Christian Zwieb, Head of Project & Product Management Mosca. “The EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H guarantees maximum convenience and efficiency.”

The MS-6-H is a horizontal strapping machine with an easily adjustable horizontal frame. It is currently available in four sizes from 1000x1000mm to 1400x1400mm. Packages up to 2.3 meters high are placed under the frame with or without additional protective cardboard using a customer or Mosca-specific conveying technique. The vertical processing speed is approximately one meter per second enabling users to triple-strap up to 180 products per hour. Because the packages are positioned close to the side sealing unit, the machine produces high tension strapping.

In addition to wear-free, brushless direct drives, Mosca’s patented SoniXs ultrasonic technology on offer in the MS-6-H keeps the machine operating at high capacity without fault or wear. The ultrasonic sealing unit requires no warm-up time, thus improving efficiencies and saving money. And because there is no melted strap residue, cleaning is kept to a minimum. Ultrasonic technology also ensures an extremely high strength seal, which is especially important for securing heavy goods, and the machine is virtually soundless, offering maximum energy-efficiency and minimal wear.

The machine operates via an intuitive and user-friendly Siemens touch panel that displays a diagram of the machine, allowing the user to choose a strapping program and set the parameters. Thanks to the modular design, all SoniXs machines in the EVOLUTION range use the same basic components, including the ultrasonic sealing unit. This makes it possible to use the same replacement parts on different strapping machines.

The EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H can be integrated into the customer’s existing conveying system. Mosca also offers optional OEM conveying systems that can be optimised to meet specific customer requirements. Open data interfaces enable the machine to be connected to other machines within the customer’s network and operated via a central control station. If the machine is connected to the customer’s IT system via an Ethernet cable, Mosca engineers can service it remotely and diagnose potential problems immediately. The EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H complements the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6, which is also designed for high-end operation and straps heavy packages vertically thanks to a side-sealing unit. It can also be fully integrated into production lines.

Mosca develop and produce high-quality strapping machines, strapping materials and safety systems for transporting goods for professional and industrial use. The machine portfolio ranges from universal devices with a wide range of applications to fully-automated, high-performance machines that can be integrated into any higher-level automation line. Mosca produces plastic strapping material out of PP, PET and PLA in one of the most modern production sites in Europe. Mosca machines, strap, spare parts and servicing are available in the UK from Mosca Direct Ltd. Call 0115 989 0209 or visit www.mosca.com/en-uk for more information.

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