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Mosca’s SoniXs is a clean winner on world’s first full washdown strappers

Ultrasonic SoniXs sealing heads make Mosca strapping machines the first in the world to be suitable for full washdown to IP56 standards – perfect for industries such as fish, poultry and meat processing where hygiene is crucial.
In contrast to a traditional heat seal, the SoniXs system produces no smells, fumes or emissions of any kind, substantially reducing the risk of contamination.

There is no build-up of strap residue, unlike the heat seal method and SoniXs technology delivers a consistent, stronger seal at increased strapping speed.
Mosca already enjoys a proven reputation for innovative, high-speed strapping equipment. Now its ground-breaking SoniXs technology is available in a range of three models with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel finish, suitable for washdown environments to IP56 rating.

The credentials of the Mosca SoniXs TRP-VA strapping machine have already been demonstrated during long-term testing under the harsh conditions of the Norwegian fishing industry.

The machine’s technology, unique in the strapping business, offers a highly efficient and trouble-free means of complying with strict hygiene regulations, setting new standards in the fishing sector.

Even the strap magazines and strap guide frame are made of stainless steel and the machine can be cleaned with a water jet of up to 100 litres per minute without sustaining corrosion damage or compromising its service life.

Mosca’s SoniXs TRP-VA and SoniXs MP-VA are automatic strapping machines capable of speeds of up to 50 and 30 straps per minute respectively. The TRP has an optional pneumatic compression bar for stabilising boxes during strapping operation.

The Mosca RO-MS/TRS side sealer is an automatic or manually operated side-seal strapping system, also designed to prevent sealing head contamination. With a versatile track height, it can apply between 30 and 50 straps per minute.
Mosca is already the world’s largest manufacturer of narrow strapping systems and global market leader in many sectors; for example strapping in the distribution, corrugated, print, pharmaceutical, roof tiles and meat industries, as well as in cash handling and direct mail.
Mosca equipment, servicing, spare parts and strapping materials are available in the UK from its wholly owned subsidiary, Mosca Direct of Cotgrave, Nottingham.

Gaye Tate, Mosca Direct Managing Director, says: "The range of machines with SoniXs technology meets the demand of processors for high-quality strapping solutions which can also meet the highest standards of hygiene.

"The ability of Mosca’s machines to function cleanly and effectively in washdown environments adds to their existing proven advantages, including reduced energy consumption, flexibility and low service and maintenance costs."

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