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Mosca successful EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 with 15 mm strap path for the Asian market

Mosca’s successful EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 with 15 mm strap path for the Asian market

  • EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 with 15 mm strap path designed specifically for the Asian market
  • First customer Daikin impressed by flexibility and ease of use
  • Mosca Asia with headquarters in Singapore ensures fast communication for all Asian Pacific customers

Many strapping machine users in Asia require a 15 mm strap path to reliably secure packages for transport. Mosca is responding to this need by adding a new version to the successful EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 series. Designed for 15 mm strapping materials, the new machine is already in use by customers including Daikin, a world market leader in air conditioning and refrigeration technologies.

“The basic principle of our product policy is to offer machine concepts and individual solutions tailored to the requirements in different parts of the world,” explains Mosca CEO Alfred Kugler. “The EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 is a versatile solution designed for a wide variety of strapping applications. This model is an ideal choice when it comes to strapping household appliances and other heavy or bulky products. We are now responding to the needs of the Asian market by offering the option of a 15 mm strap path instead of the standard 5-12 mm path.”

Ideal for the Asian market

Heavy household appliances and furniture require the lowest possible transport and conveying height. Thanks to its side-sealing unit, the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 operates with a conveying height down to 210 mm. The side position helps prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris on the sealing unit. Flexibility is a key factor for household appliances. Different products are often packed for safe transport in a variety of formats on the same strapping system. Available in 13 frame sizes ranging from 450 x 400 mm to 1650 x 1800 mm with an optional double strap dispenser, the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 is adaptable for many different applications. To meet their supply specifications, customers in Asia can now process polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET) strapping materials with a width of 15 mm.

Secure solution for air conditioners

Representatives from Daikin Shanghai – one of the first manufacturers to use the new EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 model – visited the Mosca exhibition stand at CeMAT Asia in 2016. Since then, there has been steady contact between the world market leader for air conditioning technology and the Mosca team in Shanghai. In 2018, Daikin launched a project aimed at modernizing its packaging operations. As a technology leader in the strapping industry, Mosca could fulfil these requirements and supply a strapping machine for the end of an air conditioning unit assembly line. Air conditioners come in many different sizes, which means household appliance manufacturers need strapping machines with individual strap frame sizes and a strap width of 15 mm to ensure added security for heavy products. Wider strapping also offers advantages when it comes to handling as it for example makes packages easier to carry manually. Mosca updated the tried-and-tested EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 with a 15 mm strap path to meet Daikin’s requirements.

A machine with the new 15 mm strap path was installed in Daikin’s production line at the beginning of 2019. Equipped with a 1650 x 800 mm frame, the strapping machine is integrated into the company’s state-of-the-art, fully automated system, which includes two Fanuc robots. One robot positions the products packaged in cardboard. After the strapping process, the second robot labels the strapped boxes. A double strap dispenser minimizes the downtime for strap changes, which allows the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 to handle the fast pace of the high-speed automated production operation with ease. Daikin was impressed by the Mosca machine’s simple operation and low maintenance requirements. In a series of on-site visits, the Mosca service team optimized the machine to meet Daikin’s requirements. The result: a satisfied customer who is currently working with Mosca on a plan to add new strapping machines – and a compact high-performance model that perfectly meets the needs of household appliances manufacturers.

Mosca Asia – Service on-site

Mosca uses a hub system to serve international customers. The Southern Europe region is supported by Mosca Direct Spain; Northern Europe by Mosca Direct UK and Eastern Europe by Mosca Direct Poland. North, Central and South America are served by EAM-Mosca and the Asia Pacific region, including China and Australia, are supported by Mosca Asia in Singapore. This arrangement enables local subsidiaries to develop individualized solutions and independently respond to the needs of regional markets. Mosca has a dedicated on-site staff to support customers with comprehensive market and machine expertise. In 1997, Mosca established a team in Singapore to coordinate all sales and service operations for the Mosca Asia Group. Adrian Ritzhaupt, Executive Director for Mosca Asia Pacific: “We exactly know the special needs of our customers in the entire Asia-Pacific region. That is why we are able to offer engineering services prior to the launch of a project. Our hub in Singapore provides complete on-site support for Mosca systems, which includes prompt delivery of strapping materials. Our production site in Malaysia quickly supplies all required consumables to the different regions.” The company’s customer-focused service concept also ensures that users in the Asia-Pacific region can rely on the long-term availability of Mosca strapping solutions.

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