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Motor Wheel Service Distribution (MWSD) increases its xlite range

Motor Wheel Service Distribution (MWSD) has increased the xlite range by launching two of the lightest super single forged aluminium wheels on the market, both which feature an increased load capacity.

The new 11.75 x 22.5 wheel, with a 0mm inset and 10 x 26mm mounting holes, has had its weight reduced by 1.6kg to a leading 22.1kg. A 120mm inset wheel has also been unveiled, with weight lowered by 3.7kg to 24.3kg.

A change in profile by manufacturer, Wheels India has enabled the load index to be increased to 5,000kg from 4,500kg.

The products are available in three finishes – machined, polished and new generation Xbrite – the latter featuring a technically advanced single part, transparent coating that offers the highest levels of corrosion resistance and unrivalled shine.

xlite wheels are forged from a single aluminium billet using a computerised numeric control machine to produce a higher degree of production accuracy. They are available in 17.5,19.5 and 22.5 inch sizes.

Benefits over steel wheels include unique safety features, reduced vibration and longer wear on surrounding parts, with the ultimate advantages of operating with forged aluminium wheels including extra payloads, reduced fuel usage and decreased CO² emissions.

John Ellis, managing director of Motor Wheel Service, said: "This is an important development in the xlite portfolio as it allows us to cover a new range of commercial vehicle applications.

"The increased load capacity itself is a great development, but to couple that with a reduced wheel weight for both the 0mm and 120mm inset super singles will be a huge factor when speaking to fleet operators."

Motor Wheel Service is at the forefront of the commercial vehicle wheel safety campaign and have recently signed a two-year key supplier agreement with leading tyre specialist ATS Euromaster.

Ellis added: "The wheel is one of the most safety critical elements on any truck or bus and every product we bring to market is rigorously tested to meet the exacting standards of operators. With our new relationship we will jointly educate the market while striving to improve operator margins."

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