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Motor Wheel Service Distribution offering "The Complete Wheel Solution" with new accessories ranges

Motor Wheel Service Distribution offering “The Complete Wheel Solution” with new accessories ranges

Motor Wheel Service Distribution (MWSD) has introduced a comprehensive range of accessories for Xlite* and Xbrite+ forged aluminium and steel wheel ranges, all selected with a focus on aesthetics, safety and security.

The list of products, which includes wheel nuts, checkpoints, centre rings, studs, pliers, cap covers and cleaning goods, among many others, have been carefully researched and sourced to ensure customer satisfaction through reliability and longevity.

John Ellis, managing director of MWSD, said: “As well as selecting the correct wheels it is imperative they are kept in good working order, and the new accessories line provides a range of specially formulated products to keep wheels clean and well maintained while ensuring safety remains paramount.

“It really is a further step in offering the complete wheel solution – our sales and technical teams can create a total package for any pulling unit or trailer which will deliver both operational and commercial benefits, while knowing all elements are in accordance with the forthcoming EU Roadworthiness Act**.”

*  Xlite and Xbrite+ forged aluminium wheels:
Xlite and Xbrite+ wheels, which are five times stronger and 40 percent lighter than the standard steel equivalent, are forged from a single aluminium billet using a CNC machine to produce a higher degree of production accuracy. Wheels are available in 17.5, 19.5 and 22.5 inch sizes.

Xlite is available in machined and polished finishes, while Xbrite+ goes through several automated treatment stages which permeate the metal deeper to deliver a wheel with the highest levels of corrosion resistance and shine.

The ultimate advantages of operating with forged aluminium wheels including extra payloads, reduced diesel usage, decreased CO² emissions and less wear on surrounding parts.

** EU Roadworthiness Act:
The EU Roadworthiness Act, which became law in May 2014 and must be implemented by Member States by May 2017, is one of a number of key culminations of MWSD’s lauded CV Wheel Safety campaign.

Following adoption by both the European Parliament and European Council the new law states ‘compatibility between parts and components, such as between wheels and wheel hubs, should be treated as a critical safety item and should be checked during roadworthiness testing’.

Addition legislative text includes several visual wheel inspection prerequisites and also that ‘wheel size, technical design, compatibility or type not in accordance with the requirements [laid down by type-approval at first registration or first entry into service] and affecting road safety’ will be classed as a major defect.

It also brings into context a number of minimum essential requirements that need to be stipulated when purchasing wheels, and furthermore the key roles that will be played by fleet managers and product purchasers.

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