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Movilizer and we-do-IT become technical partners and offer major added value for customers

Movilizer and we-do-IT have announced a technical partnership. From now on the Movilizer Platform and the we-do-IT LatLonGO® app will support each other and create synergies for users interested in both functionalities. The integration brings forth that the solution is an open strategic option for enterprises in Utilities and Telco or any company that wants to empower its field services with GIS information. This application integration between Movilizer and LatLonGO® brings competitive advantages for its users in the fast changing business world.

Movilizer is a leading and fast-growing European company that offers a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) with a deep SAP-integration that allows companies to reinvent their mobile business. The technology is complicated and fast-moving, so mobility is a huge challenge for companies. But it delivers business improvement and innovation and a necessity to thrive in today’s marketplace. Movilizer provides foundations on which companies can build a mobile strategy without compromising the agility to react to changing requirements quickly.

The Movilizer Platform enables the end-user to build, deploy and use enterprise mobile apps for any mobile channel or device, because the MEAP is delivered as a multi-tenant cloud service. As long as applications generate Movelets, Movilizer’s building-blocks for mobile applications, they can be developed in any backend and programming framework.

“Any data on any server to any client – anytime” is the key sentence of the LatLonGO® GIS agnostic, SAP certified ERP Mobility Solution. Furthermore, it is a powerful geo-centric mobile integration platform to any other enterprise information system. The certified integration with the SAP Plant Maintenance module makes Technical Object Hierarchy, Work orders, Notifications and Operations easily accessible through the SAP Netweaver Gateway. The maps used by LatLonGO® GIS agnostic are client intuitive and native, which enhances the field user productivity.

Movilizer has a standard application for SAP PM to manage and control all processes related to on-site maintenance; preventive and corrective. GIS information is very useful for maintenance technicians in the utility sector, because utility companies often save "layered" information about cables, connections, pipes, location, depth, type of product, etc in GIS systems. Here LatLonGO® offers a perfect visualization. The partnership between Movilizer and LatLonGO® therefore offers the chance of a 360°-view of the situation on the spot. All the information required concerning work orders and local conditions can be consulted centrally.

Both companies are very excited about this cooperation and see a huge value in this partnership. Alberto Zamora, Member of the Managing Board at Movilizer, explains: “We realised the enormous potential and benefits for our customers in the utilities & telco space in bringing these two solutions together into a seamless integrated platform, when we first met during the E-world Conference in Essen, Germany in February.”

Dr Walter Hesse, CEO of we-do-IT, adds: “LatLonGO® provides the end-user with a system for distributing spatial enterprise data to any client or client mobile device (iPad, Android, Windows8 tablets). LatLonGO® compresses, encrypts and distributes data, allowing users to work in connected mode when and if needed. The visualization of geographical information via LotlonGO® for – for example – maintenance service engineers in the field, combined and integrated with the very powerful Build/Deploy/Run Movilizer capability enables customers to have a complete and real time view on the maintenance situation. With Movilizer you can build, deploy and operate mobile apps directly from within your SAP backend system.This is a tremendous value-add and saves us a great deal of our own layer integration development”.

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