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Multiple Light beam safety devices from leuze electronic have a built in Halo

The new MLD ranges of multiple light beam devices offer more features at a lower price than the ranges they replace.

Leuze electronic’s new range of Multiple Light beam safety Devices (MLD) include numerous features, one of which is the option of an integrated muting lamp, which looks like a halo on top of Leuze electronic’s new safety angel.

The extensive MLD family offers either ‘Type 2’, ‘SIL 2’, performance level ‘d’ protection from the MLD300 range, or ‘Type 4’, ‘SIL3’, ‘PLe’ from MLD500 devices. Within both ranges, there are three different levels of functionality, with many of these functions previously having only been available on more expensive units.

Optional extras include an integrated muting lamp at the top of the column, or integrated laser alignment at the top and bottom of the columns.

To provide easy and hence quicker installation, the MLD range features a new bayonet style of swivel mount. These zinc die-castings enable quick alignment and provide reliable mounting.

It is this bayonet mounting that led to the design of the muting lamp as a distinctive ring or halo of light.

Commissioning or swapping out of the units is fast because all configuration of the MLD devices is defined by the wiring connections used, namely there is no requirement to use a PC or set DIP switches for configuration.

More information is available at http://tiny.cc/Leuze_MLD

Leuze electronic ‘the sensor people’ are the specialists for Detection, Identification, and Protection in numerous applications and industries. 8,500 products are detailed in product catalogues and industry specific brochures that are available online at www.leuze.co.uk

Leuze electronic ‘the sensor people’ are committed to being the supplier of choice by providing industry leading customer service and products. The extensive product range and a global presence enable Leuze electronic to serve manufacturers, integrators and end users across many applications and industries.

For more information, please contact Leuze electronic on 01480 408500 or info@leuze.co.uk or to view online catalogues visit www.leuze.co.uk

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