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MWSD retains xlite European distribution rights from Wheels India

Motor Wheel Service Distribution (MWSD) has retained European rights for supply of xlite forged aluminium wheels having signed a three-year contract extension with manufacturing giant, Wheels India (WIL).

The move maintains a relationship that started in the 1940s with classic car wired wheels and which progressed into commercial vehicle wheels in the 1980s. WIL is part of the TVS Group, one of India’s largest auto-component businesses with a turnover of over USD 7 Billion.

Launched in 2010, xlite wheels, which are five times stronger and 40 percent lighter than the standard steel equivalent, are forged from a single aluminium billet using a computerised numeric control machine to produce a higher degree of production accuracy.

They are available in 17.5,19.5 and 22.5 inch sizes and in three finishes – machined, polished and new generation Xbrite – the latter featuring a technically advanced single part, transparent coating that offers the highest levels of corrosion resistance and unrivalled shine.

Benefits over steel wheels include unique safety features, reduced vibration and longer wear on surrounding parts, with the ultimate advantages of operating with forged aluminium wheels including extra payloads, reduced fuel usage and decreased CO² emissions.

In 2011, xlite became a worldwide brand thanks to an exclusive 10-year trademark agreement between MWSD and WIL.

John Ellis, managing director at MWSD, said: "The relationship with Wheels India is excellent and they have nothing but praise for the initial three-year rollout of xlite and the work we are undertaking to educate the market, not only in terms of product benefits but the overall message of wheel safety.

"While the product was created by Wheels India, the xlite brand was designed and developed by ourselves so this agreement will continue to have a positive impact on both companies, global brand recognition and sales.

"Over the next three years we will see several product launches and will continue our work in partnership with OEM truck and trailer manufacturers, the aftermarket and key clients, these are very exciting times."

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