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Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network announces date of next Modelling workshop

How Modelling Accelerates the Commercialisation of Nanotechnology
24th November 2010, IMechE, London

The Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN), one of the UK’s primary knowledge-based networks for Micro and Nanotechnologies is pleased to announce the date of its next Modelling workshop, held in association with the Chemistry Innovation KTN. The conference will explore the issues surrounding the commercialisation of nanotechnology, focusing on what modelling can do for large and small companies to help accelerate the process of scale-up and commercialisation of nanotechnology products.

Process scale-up can be fraught with difficulties and this is no less so for scale-up and manufacture of nanomaterials and nanotechnology based products. Equivalent challenges exist for the manufacture and formulation of functional solids into products and medicines. While process modelling has been used extensively in the chemical and other industries for many years, it is essential that industry and in particular SMEs engaged in nanotechnology, can learn from their experience.

Dr Barry Park of the NanoKTN will discuss the issues that must be recognised when scale-up to full manufacture of nanotechnology based products is undertaken. Park’s presentation will look at the characteristics that make nanomaterials of such high value when produced at the laboratory scale and will explain why the key outcome must be of consistent quality, if the product is to meet market demand.

Professor Ed Lester from Promethean Particles will give an overview of continuous hydrothermal synthesis, a technique used in the manufacture of nanomaterials in dispersion. Lester’s talk will focus on the development of a new reactor for this process which is now the key IP for spin-out company Promethean Particles.

Additional presentations will be delivered by key professionals from Johnson Matthey, Intrinsiq Materials, Imperial College and the Technology Strategy Board.

"Modelling for scale-up and commercialisation of nanomaterials is a vital part of the research and development process and it is crucial that industry leaders and start-ups in this sector work together to ensure the difficulties associated with this area can be discussed," explains Dr Barry Park, Theme Manager at the NanoKTN.

Park continues, "This one-day seminar aims to encourage networking and the transfer of information and is crucial if experts in modelling are to build a supply chain where those seeking to commercialise nanotechnology based products can share experiences and needs."

The one day seminar and workshop is aimed at manufacturers of nanomaterials and formulated solids. The event will act as an opportunity to learn more about what modelling can do for companies working in this area.

Modelling for Scale-up and Commercialisation of Nanomaterials and Formulated Solids takes place on 24th November 2010 at the IMechE in London. For more information about this event and details of how to register, please visit www.nanoktn.com.

Established by the Technology Strategy Board, the NanoKTN is managed by Centre for Process Innovation Ltd, a leading technology development and consulting company.

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