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Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network NanoKTN promotes partnership

Service level agreement increases industry exposure to academic experts to boost innovation in nanotechnology and biotechnology

The Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN), one of the UK’s primary knowledge-based networks for Micro and Nanotechnologies, is pleased to announce the signing of a service level agreement (SLA) between two of its members, introduced by the NanoKTN at its Nano4Life event in February 2009. The SLA between industry-academia partnership specialist Bio Nano Consulting (BNC) and The School of Pharmacy, University of London, enables BNC to provide its clients with access to an increased pool of academic experts skilled in the fields of pharmaceutics, pharmacology and drug discovery.

The NanoKTN’s primary aim is to encourage collaboration and knowledge transfer between key players in industry, as well as start-ups and SMEs. One of the key methods to ensure networking between key market players is to facilitate interactions through event organisation. By doing this, the NanoKTN supports the UK supply chain and creates economic wealth for UK industry.

Acknowledging the key role played by the NanoKTN in helping to bring about the research collaboration, Dr David Sarphie, CEO of BNC commented, "The NanoKTN plays an invaluable role in facilitating interaction between academia and industry, and, indeed, it was at the 2009 Nano4Life meeting, hosted by the NanoKTN, that BNC first recognised the potential of The School of Pharmacy’s unique formulation technology and the benefits it provides for hard-to-deliver biotechnology drugs. We look forward to continuing to support the excellent work of the NanoKTN and utilising its expertise in future collaborative ventures."

The partnership has already enabled BNC to secure a contract with an undisclosed US-based biotechnology company. Under the terms of the agreement, BNC will manage a specific project carried out by scientists at The School of Pharmacy, to formulate a phase I cancer drug with the goal of making the treatment orally available, rather than delivered intravenously. Once a successful proof of concept is achieved, The School of Pharmacy will work with the company to take it to late-stage development.

Dr Sarphie remarked, "The SLA significantly expands our established pool of world class scientists that we manage and draw upon for specific life science projects, including cancer research. Indeed, the pace with which we have already secured the first contract with a biotechology company to apply the IP on offer at The School of Pharmacy, is testament to the standing in which The School of Pharmacy is held and the strength of the formulation technology that has been developed."

Further information on the activities of the NanoKTN can be found on the website at www.nanoktn.com.

Established by the Technology Strategy Board, the NanoKTN is managed by Centre for Process Innovation Ltd, a leading technology development and consulting company.

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