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Narrow Aisle VNA articulated forklift trucks announce new brand identity

Narrow Aisle Ltd, the UK-based manufacturer of the Flexi range of articulated forklift trucks, has announced a new brand identity. Henceforth the company will be known as Flexi Narrow Aisle Ltd.

"Thanks to the success of the Flexi articulated forklift truck range across the world, we believe that, for many people, the word ‘Flexi’ has become the generic term for articulated trucks, so we felt that it made a lot of sense to make ‘Flexi’ more prominent in our company name," explains John Maguire, Flexi Narrow Aisle Ltd’s sales and marketing director.

"In a sense, we are presenting ourselves in a similar way to other leading global brands. For example, to most people, Apple Computer Corporation is known simply as Apple, yet the company’s full name reflects the industry that it excels in. Our company was originally formed to operate in the narrow aisle storage sector and for many years was known as Narrow Aisle Ltd. However, as awareness of the Flexi brand has grown across the world we felt that the time was right to make the change. The name Flexi Narrow Aisle allows us to clearly communicate the value of the Flexi product and brand to our customers.

"This clear message is very important to us. As our Flexi range has grown, we have become a global business selling products across the world, and as we continue to take the Flexi into new markets, it is essential to have a clearly defined brand image. From now on, ‘Flexi’ will be at the forefront of our global marketing material."

"However, while our name has changed the principals on which our company was founded and has been built – namely product quality and reliability and high levels of customer service – remain the same," added John Maguire.

The original Flexi articulated forklift development this year celebrated its 20th anniversary. Over the past two decades over 4000 units – not only in Europe but throughout the world – have been sold and the Flexi range continues to be developed to cover the requirements of customers operating in hugely diverse industries.

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