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Navevo, in association with Transport for London, launch the ProNav PNN420, a premium sat nav for HGV drivers with cyclist alert and London ‘Journey Planner’ features

An innovative navigation solution for fleet operators and drivers to improve safety and efficiency on the road

Includes the "world’s first" HGV Cyclist Alert component for high convergence areas of HGVs and cyclists within London

Exclusive ability to follow downloaded routes available via Transport for London’s Freight Journey Planner

Over 1,200 exclusive premium transport data including height, weight and width restrictions for London

Includes UK and Ireland mapping and transport data for the UK

ProNav Tracking provides detailed real time information to fleet operators

Exclusive London loading bays and Red Route bays data

Warnings for hazardous routes (steep hills, sharp bends, crosswinds etc.)

Premium satnav functionality including truck-specific POIs, text to speech, multistop journey planning and safety camera alerts

Navevo, the navigation specialists and developers of innovative and forward-thinking sat nav for HGV drivers, has today announced the launch of the ProNav PNN420, a premium satellite navigation device aimed at drivers and fleet operators that’s specifically designed to increase efficiency, safety and reduce costs.

The PNN420 was developed as a result of extensive research by Navevo, PIE Mapping and Transport for London (TfL) to gain insight into the regular daily needs of commercial drivers within the London area. It also utilises data gathered through the INFORMED project, which aimed to help fleet managers improve route planning and scheduling, cut down on congestion and reduce pollution contributed by freight companies. The PNN420 aims to deliver this data and the associated benefits to drivers and fleet managers directly, helping to reduce or eliminate the annual spend on fines, and increase the efficiency and safety of their operation.

Offering a range of innovative features designed to inform both HGV drivers and fleet operators, the PNN420 also includes an exclusive "London Freight Pack", which is compatible with TfL’s Freight Journey Planner. This allows users to plan a route on TfL’s website before connecting their ProNav to a computer and downloading the TfL route direct to their navigation system. Using Navevo’s unique Line of Route (LoR) technology, the navigation system then follows the TfL route exactly as planned, providing the driver with clear turn-by-turn instructions and getting the driver quickly back to the original route if they should stray off course.

As part of the London Freight Pack, the PNN420 also includes over 1,200 exclusive ‘premium transport data’ points detailing height, weight and width restrictions for London alongside London loading bays and Red Route bays to help speed up the delivery process and ensure drivers can get back onto the road in the shortest possible time.

Navevo has also integrated the world’s first HGV Cyclist Alert system to acknowledge the growing number of cyclists in the London area. This component generates an alert when approaching a junction or section of road that has been designated by TfL as a "HGV/Cyclist convergence area", which are locations such as junctions where large numbers of HGVs and Cyclists converge. Drivers are notified with both a visual map overlay displaying a 50-metre radius hotspot zone, and an audible alert when entering this zone to remind them to take extra care.

Finally, fleet operators can also benefit from the ProNav Tracking service. With no additional hardware costs and a small monthly subscription fee, ProNav Tracking uses a device’s GSM/GPRS capability to track position in real time, allowing fleets to be monitored remotely from an office. ProNav Tracking supports multiple connected devices and offers full track & trace capability, live vehicle trace, historical journey views and advanced reporting.

"Our partnership with TfL during the INFORMED project indicated that modern satnav solutions are not doing enough to help HGV drivers and fleet operators, particularly in the London area" said Nick Caesari, Navevo CEO. "The result of this partnership is the PNN420, which offers a range of premium features that we hope can go a long way towards helping these companies save money and increase efficiency and safety on the road."

Ian Wainwright, Head of Freight and Fleet at TfL said: "London’s economy could not operate without an efficient and well-managed freight industry. By providing freight drivers with information to safely navigate around London in their cab, drivers can reduce congestion, emissions and unnecessary fines, delivering benefits to operators, local businesses and more widely, to all Londoners."

All of these premium features are provided as standard alongside full NAVTEQ UK and Ireland mapping and transport data for the UK, including navigation based on height, weight, width and hazardous materials, hazard warnings for steep hills, sharp bends, crosswinds etc. and truck-specific points of interest (POIs). Drivers will also find text-to-speech with spoken road names, full postcode routing, unlimited "multistop" journey planning and safety camera alerts.

The PNN420 itself is a premium satnav device with a 5" high resolution TFT touch screen, the latest MediaTech 3351C 500MHz processor for smooth operation, an FM transmitter for voice instructions via in-dash radio and AV-IN for video playback.

The PNN420 will be available direct from Navevo and other selected retailers for an SRP of £224.99+VAT. Additionally, operators registered with TfL’s FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) can take advantage of all of these benefits at a reduced cost. Due to an exclusive promotion, discounts of between 15 and 36% are offered on the purchase of single or multiple PNN420 devices, which can reduce the price to as low as £144.63 + VAT per unit.

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