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Nene group’s new wire mesh deck

ENHANCES SAFETY, LIGHT AND AIR CIRCULATION. Leading materials handling and storage company, the Nene Group Plc, has launched an innovative, versatile and cost effective wire mesh decking system that meets Fire & Safety Regulations. Designed and manufactured to fit any pallet racking system, Wire Mesh Decks quickly and easily drop over front and rear support beams for easy installation and relocation.

In the event of a fire the wire mesh decking, unlike closed wood or metal decking, allows the smoke to rise directly to the sensors, which quickly activates the sprinklers thereby allowing water to progress unhindered to the source of the fire. Nene Group's Wire Mesh Decks can reduce the number of levels requiring sprinklers thus minimising the number of sprinkler heads needed in an overall scheme.

Providing numerous benefits over traditional decking, the state-of-the-art system provides a horizontal barrier against falling stock to facilitate safe, low level, manual order picking. The Wire Mesh Decks improve inventory visibility and therefore safety by promoting better lighting levels whilst also allowing effective air circulation and cooling through the warehouse.

Providing maximum view and accessibility to the picker, the Wire Mesh Decks are particularly suitable for the accurate and rapid picking of a wide range of products including mail order, pharmaceutical and food. Unlike solid decks, there is no dust collection making the decking system self-cleaning.

Easy to use dividers provide secure and durable fixings that stops the spillage of goods and quickly enables stock locations to be altered whenever required. The dividers also act as a carton stop to allow picking operations to proceed from both sides of a single rack.

Offering excellent storage capability for non-palletised cartons, large stocks of Nene's Wire Mesh Decks are available in standard width size panels of 900mm and 1100 depth. They can be used on most adjustable pallet racking and long span shelving and have a load-bearing guarantee of up to 1,500Kg UDL per panel. Ends
About Nene Group plc
Established in the 1960's the Nene Group plc's business evolves around materials handling and storage and industrial property development and ownership. As a Group, Nene is able to offer clients a complete warehouse unit solution comprising of racking, offices, and furniture, along with all Material Handling Equipment, available on a short or long-term agreement. At present the Nene Group owns over half a million sq ft of high quality warehousing within the Midlands with plans for further expansion. The Group also has a number of office suites that it rents on both a short or long term basis.

Nene Group Plc
Drayton Fields Industrial Estate, Daventry
Northants, NN11 8EA
Tel: 01327 300456
Fax 01327 300737
Email: gcoleman@nene.co.uk www.nene.co.uk

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