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Nene’s tax effective new rack hire saves time and capitol expenditure

For many years companies have realised that renting buildings, vehicles and equipment is tax efficient and supports cash flow. Now Daventry based materials handling and storage equipment company, Nene Group plc, has taken this concept a stage further with the launch of Rentarack, a cost effective way for companies within the UK, Ireland and the EU to rent racking for limited and fixed term contracts.

All types of racking and shelving, including specialist racking such as live and drive in storage, are available for hire for any size facility and for any period of time from two weeks to 10 years. Ancillary equipment such as guards, mesh, decking, signage and netting, etc can also be included within the rack hire contract. Furthermore, existing storage systems can be supplemented with beams and decking to cover short-term requirements for storage or picking locations.

Nene will supply, deliver and install all racking to SEMA and current Health & Safety guidelines. Standard hire costs include the supply of racking components and/or ancillary items, installation and commissioning, health & safety inspection, dismantling at end of term and transport from site. Racking inspections are carried out every six months by qualified staff and a full report and quotation given to the customer who must act upon the recommendations. Repairs are carried out in-house by Nene to ensure that the racking is always maintained in optimum condition and to remove concerns about potential health & safety hazards.

Rentarack saves managers time and effort in gaining approval for capital expenditure thereby ensuring prompt delivery for potential new business. It also enables companies to claim 100% capital allowances from the Inland Revenue for the rental, which can work out cheaper than paying cash. Rentarack is the ideal solution for companies providing logistics support on fixed term contracts or which operate 'open book accounting' where costs are fixed and the operator is working on a 'costs plus margin'.

When the contract expires, companies have the option of extending it on a month-to-month basis, entering into a secondary agreement, normally at a reduced rate, or having the storage dismantled. Alternatively the racking can be purchased from Nene at a favourable rate. In addition to lease rental, Nene will also provide Rentarack as lease purchase or as a half purchase and half rental scheme for companies wishing to split the cost over a period of time.

Already proving popular amongst logistic providers, large manufacturers importers of season products and companies needing to deal with unexpected peaks in their business, Nene's Rentarack is sure to be of great benefit to many companies. It will be of particular interest to businesses already leasing forklift trucks, buildings and road transport. Ends
About Nene Group plc
Established in the 1960's the Nene Group plc's business evolves around materials handling and storage and industrial property development and ownership. As a Group, Nene is able to offer clients a complete warehouse unit solution comprising of racking, offices, and furniture, along with all Material Handling Equipment, available on a short or long-term agreement. At present the Nene Group owns over half a million sq ft of high quality warehousing within the Midlands with plans for further expansion. The Group also has a number of office suites that it rents on both a short or long term basis.

Nene Group Plc
Drayton Fields Industrial Estate
Northants, NN11 8EA
Tel: 01327 300456
Fax 01327 300737
Email: gcoleman@nene.co.uk www.nene.co.uk

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