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Nene’s wire mesh decks aid picking in warehouse facility

The Nene Group's recently launched Wire Mesh Decks have proved an unequivocal success for a major US clothing retail chain. Installed onto SSI Schaffer racking in two separate installations, the Wire Mesh Decks are aiding the manual order picking of boxed clothing.

Chosen for its versatility, cost effectiveness and as part of the warehouse's Fire & Safety Regulations, Nene's Wire Mesh Decks have been installed across eight runs, each with 14 bays. Designed by Nene's in-house team using the latest CAD software the racking has been equipped with dividers which run through from side to side and also from front to back to allow for picking from both sides of the racking.

“The original installation required us to provide Wire Mesh Decking for non-standard frames of 1400mm and 1800mm, said Gary Coleman, Contract Manager & Sales at The Nene Group. “The beams are 4020mm and needed a capacity of 3000kgs. Despite the irregular sizing, we were able to design, supply and install the decking ahead of time and on budget”.

Designed and manufactured to fit any pallet racking system, Wire Mesh Decks quickly and easily drop over front and rear support beams for easy installation and relocation. In the event of a fire, the wire mesh decking, unlike closed wood or metal decking, allows the smoke to rise directly to the sensors, which quickly activates the sprinklers thereby allowing water to progress unhindered to the source of the fire.

Providing numerous benefits over traditional decking, the state-of-the-art system provides a horizontal barrier against falling stock to facilitate safe, low level, manual order picking. The Wire Mesh Decks improve inventory visibility and therefore safety by promoting better lighting levels whilst also allowing effective air circulation and cooling through the warehouse.

Easy to use dividers provide secure and durable fixings that stops the spillage of goods and quickly enables stock locations to be altered whenever required. The dividers also act as a carton stop to allow picking operations to proceed from both sides of a single rack.

“As part of the installation we also erected a further five levels of 12 metre racking”, concluded Gary. “The client is delighted with the installation and has commented on the fact that our Wire Mesh Decks have improved lighting in the warehouse and how easily the boxes simply slide on and off the decks. There has been no reduction in the bay clear entry despite the decking having a eight capacity of 3000kgs which could not be achieved with wooden decks.”

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