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NetDespatch proof of delivery innovation wins Postal Technology International top award

NetDespatch SecureScan has won the Postal Technology International Awards 2009 category for "Delivery Innovation of the Year", presented at the Post-Expo 2009 conference and exhibition, Hannover, beating off stiff competition from Motorola and Intermec. The groundbreaking secure parcel delivery solution – developed jointly with NetDespatch technology partner First Ondemand – uses cryptographically paired encoded barcodes to ensure that goods can only be released to the intended recipient.

Using the latest Internet, auto ID and wireless communications technology, the NetDespatch SecureScan system provides fully authenticated proof of delivery by creating a matched pair of unique digital barcode tokens. One of these barcode tokens is provided to the recipient by email or text, and the other is printed on the package label. Both barcodes can be matched at the point of delivery without needing to connect to a central server, ensuring that parcel and recipient are matched, and only then are the goods released.

SecureScan is a significant step forward in parcel delivery security and is a first line defence in combating fraud. Easy to incorporate in existing systems using web services, or available as an end-to-end delivery platform, it will provide cost savings throughout the supply chain, preventing costly misdeliveries of high value goods and subsequent disputed delivery claims and eliminating the need for carriers to acquire and store POD signatures.

"SecureScan succeeded because of the uniqueness of its technology offering and the compelling synergy of First Ondemand’s technology innovation and NetDespatch’s industry-leading Velocity pay-as-you-go web-services platform. Delivery organisations are striving to reduce capital investment but must still remain competitive and innovative, and products like SecureScan can help achieve these often contradictory goals," said Christine Durkin, UK sales manager, First Ondemand.

"SecureScan is a cost-effective web-delivered solution that will provide many organisations with the opportunity to increase customer satisfaction through securely authenticated proof of delivery. The service also introduces an easy to implement secure audit trail and an effective secure delivery supply chain. SecureScan will deliver an ROI in a very short period of time because of the ease and speed of implementation," said Matthew Robertson, Commercial Director, NetDespatch.

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