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NetDespatch shopping cart integration boosts online and catalogue sales

NetDespatch is streamlining sales and delivery processes for online retailers and catalogue sales and mail order companies with its advanced web software – Velocity Connector. By using this automated online system to connect electronically to NetDespatch’s real-time web booking and tracking service, companies are processing more orders and providing customers with a rapid delivery service that brings them back for more.

Hundreds of E-commerce companies have integrated Velocity Connector with their online shopping cart and warehouse systems to automatically print the correct shipping labels and request a collection from their carrier. With this elegant automated solution, there is no need to transfer order data and delivery details into a separate shipping system as the information is captured and extracted through the shopping cart software. This eliminates transcription errors and speeds up customer service.

Daniel Clark, Director of Beers of Europe, the UK’s largest beer shop says: "We used to have a real bottleneck in our system as online order details had to be re-keyed into a PC shipping system so that labels could be produced. The manual checking of these details was absolutely essential prior to collection and this was proving to be a huge burden during busy times. With the NetDespatch shopping cart integration the process is completely automated, clearing the bottleneck and allowing us to double our daily shipments."

Sales order systems can also be integrated with real-time web booking and tracking through Connector; in some cases to print labels automatically at a remote warehouse location – even one in another country. This saves hours of administration time by removing the need to transfer orders from one database to another before printing the labels and despatching parcels. The system not only boosts accuracy and eliminates transcription errors, but also improves customer service, providing tracking from despatch to delivery.

Ian Dawson, Director of the specialist acrylic display case manufacturer and supplier, Widdowsons, comments: "We have seen a big difference in our efficiency since implementing Velocity Connector. Our turnover has more than doubled in the past two years and in the six months since we began using the system we estimate that it has helped grow the business by about thirty five per cent. It has streamlined our order and shipping procedures, freeing up our time to generating and handling more sales enquiries. Importantly, I have gained five hours a week that I can dedicate to more value-added activities."

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