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NetDespatch Velocity supply chain solution for Genorel Soft Drinks

Genorel Soft Drinks has got off to a flying start thanks to a combination of intelligent NetDespatch web technology and outsourced warehousing from Surrey-based Streetwise Couriers. Genorel was established in July 2007 to sell Switzerland’s favourite soft drinks – Rivella and Ramseier – online and has already grown its customer base to almost 30,000 clients nationwide using the web logistics solution.

Alan Norris, Chairman and Founder of the unique soft drinks business is an advocate of Internet-based technology and outsourcing for streamlining Genorel’s supply chain operations and minimising operational costs.

"Genorel is a virtual business that harnesses the power of the Internet. Our customers come to our online store to buy our soft drinks and Streetwise Couriers quickly fulfils and despatches their orders. It is a cost-effective, hassle free arrangement that also pleases our customers," says Alan Norris.

"We capture and send orders and customer details directly from our website to our logistics partner via email. Streetwise Couriers then takes over, processing the orders and managing the vital links in our supply chain using the NetDespatch Velocity Velocity. This web-based system manages all delivery bookings for next day shipping to our customers across the UK through the APC Overnight network. Streetwise Couriers prints the shipping labels using the same system; and, this also provides proof of delivery and parcel tracking should we ever need it," he explains.

Streetwise Couriers receives Genorel’s stocks directly from suppliers in Switzerland for secure storage prior to despatch. Trained, experienced staff perform all warehousing, order picking, and fulfillment duties to provide a streamlined soft drinks supply chain.

"Streetwise Couriers provides a cost-effective warehousing and fulfillment solution to Genorel; we have not had to invest in premises, warehouse equipment or technology thanks to our outsourcing partnership. This arrangement allows us to concentrate on our business, provide excellent service and minimise our operational costs," says Alan Norris.

Chris Godly, Group Operations Director for Streetwise Couriers, highlights the opportunities for new businesses using outsourcing.

"NetDespatch Velocity is a clever enabling solution that allows parcel delivery companies to provide a high-tech outsourced warehousing and logistics solution. By choosing a NetDespatch powered logistics partner, companies can get off the ground without incurring the cost of warehouse premises, staff, IT and a delivery fleet. The NetDespatch system minimises administration and supply chain management costs. We in turn provide the logistics skills, experience and knowledge necessary for our clients’ business success. Our service makes it easy for any size or type of business to benefit from a simple, cost-effective, customer service focused outsourced supply chain solution," he says.

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