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NetDespatch web software streamlines international postal and courier services

NetDespatch has announced an innovative web-based software solution for managing international postal and courier services over the Internet. Offering easy booking and tracking for shipments anywhere in the world using a standard web browser interface, the online software makes the whole process simpler, eliminating the need to complete numerous forms.

The solution uses the latest intelligent web technology. This means that the system ‘knows’ what to ask for to produce the appropriate documentation for domestic, EU and non EU destinations, whether post or express delivery. With a knowledge base continually maintained by NetDespatch, the smart system deals with all International Character sets, different country rules, address formats and customs requirements, including CN22, CN23 customs documents and export invoices that are key to the postal sector.

NetDespatch is a pioneer in Cloud Computing and the solution is part of the suite of NetDespatch web-based software applications for improving distribution efficiency and profitability. Velocity International is provided as a wholly managed IT service. A key attraction of this service is that companies only pay as they use it, eliminating up-front costs. Charges simply depend on the volume of consignments and costs therefore match fluctuating revenues.

"As the first new generation web solution which is available simply on-demand, we believe Velocity International offers a much simpler, more efficient and more cost effective alternative to anything else on the market," says Becky Clark, CEO of NetDespatch. "Through a single application, the software automates everything from booking and tracking to pre-labelling, pricing and documentation. And, the data import capabilities and system integration tools are completely unique and a first in the international postal and courier market."

Because the software is centrally hosted and web-based, it is instantly available anywhere in the world using an Internet connected PC or PDA. For postal and courier networks there is no complex infrastructure to support and the Software as a Service solution eliminates the high costs associated with software development, upgrades and special equipment.

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