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New 3M VFlex disposable particulate respirator

Diversified technology company 3M has launched a uniquely shaped disposable respirator that will provide wearers with superb flexibility and effective protection at incredible value.

The 3M VFlex Particulate Respirator is part of 3M’s Classic range of disposable respirators. It is ideal for working environments where Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) for dusts and mists is required for short duration or light duty tasks and also when RPE has to be frequently replaced.

Anja Buchan, product manager for 3M Disposable and Reusable Respiratory Products, explained: "Disposable respirators have become integral to many working environments where investment in reusable respirators may not be cost effective or where employers do not want to maintain RPE.

"The 3M VFlex Particulate Respirator is our most innovative design yet to feature in our Classic range and has been launched as part of 3M’s mission to provide effective and easy-to-use, Personal Protective Equipment that meets the widest possible range of customers’ requirements.

"The embossed front panel allows the respirator to hold itself away from the mouth, while the V-shaped pleats flex and expand so wearers can breathe, work and talk more easily. It’s also our most affordable FFP2 disposable respirator yet."

The 3M VFlex Particulate Respirator is available in two sizes to accommodate a wide range of face shapes, while an adjustable noseclip and specially designed tabs help wearers to achieve a custom fit and secure seal. It provides an assigned protection factor of 10, making it appropriate for use in many environments where workers will be exposed to hazardous airborne particles.

The low profile of the respirator on the face enables a good field of vision while the flat fold design also allows for efficient storage and increased portability, making it extremely convenient for sites where there is little dedicated storage space for PPE.

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