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New AC powered pallet and stacker trucks from Hyster

Now with powerful AC motors and advanced power steering, the Hyster P2.0S series of platform pallet trucks and S1.2S-1.5S series of platform stackers have just been released to the market. These latest additions to the Hyster full warehouse product line are designed to boost performance, operator productivity and energy efficiency. Each model offers a high standard specification and a choice of standard, Advance or Advance + configuration, to match precisely the needs of each individual application. It is good news for customers in manufacturing and distribution industries, as the new trucks will help them to achieve their throughput and low cost of operation objectives.

The P2.0S series of pallet trucks, with folding platform, designed for pedestrian or stand-on use, provides the ideal solution for loading and unloading vehicles as well as for ground level transfer of goods over short and medium distances. The S1.2-1.5S stacker, with tilting operator platform and protective side arms, combines the manoeuvrability of a stacker with traditional tiller, and the comfort of a ride on; the models are ideally suited to stacking/destacking and load transfers, or as a complementary machine to work alongside counterbalanced and reach trucks.

Powering the future, with enhanced productivity and lower energy consumption

The highly competitive world of manufacturing and distribution demands ever higher standards of fast throughput, performance excellence, and efficient cost control of materials handling operations. Hyster's new warehouse trucks and their powerful, virtually maintenance free AC drive motors, deliver high acceleration, rapid direction changes and exceptional torque capability for superb performance and productivity. Torque is consistent under all operating conditions, with or without loads, and on gradients.

Progressive, electric power steering eliminates steering effort. With the added benefit of speed reduction on cornering, the operator will be confident of the truck's manoeuvrability and his own productivity in confined spaces or at busy docking stations.

Each truck is fitted with a Combi Mosfet controller to regulate traction and ensure gradual and progressive speed control whilst optimising energy consumption.

Easy to drive and manoeuvre

Hyster's design engineers have made ergonomics a key factor in the design of the new truck series. The operator station allows complete freedom of movement and boasts a generously dimensioned non-slip platform, with built-in suspension to absorb shock and vibration.

All the control functions are conveniently grouped around the new design tiller head for ease of operation; including the proportional control lifting and lowering buttons and the butterfly controls for speed, travel direction and braking. Operators can select four pre-defined performance levels for the truck, with speed, acceleration and braking being instantly adapted to suit driving style or the particular application being undertaken. They will feel the difference in manoeuvrability in a host of different warehouse situations, whether in pedestrian or ride-on mode. In restricted spaces the platform, and side protection arms when folded on the stacker models, are completely flush with the chassis.

Ultimate dependability

Hyster P2.0S and S1.2-1.5S series pallet trucks and stackers are not only highly powerful, productive and energy efficient, they also benefit from lower lifetime costs. The series offer reduced maintenance needs and inherent Hyster product durability and dependability.

The control centre for the series' sophisticated electronics is the Combi high-frequency MOSFET controller. It communicates with the truck's motor and its control via the latest open CANbus technology, thus greatly reducing the number of electrical cables and hence, maintenance needs.

Virtually maintenance free, brushless AC motors offer IP54 level of protection from dust and water whilst a built in diagnostic system enables maintenance to be planned and minimises unforeseen breakdowns

Hyster lift trucks are manufactured at ISO 9001:2000 accredited facilities and are supported by the most extensive worldwide dealer network in the industry, offering you the ultimate in dependability.

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