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New and unique Twin Stacker from Logitrans handles two pallets at the same time

The Danish manufacturer of material handling equipment, Logitrans A/S, has developed a new double stacker, the so-called Twin Stacker, which can optimise the space in lorries and shopping and storage areas. In fact, it can transport and stack two pallets at the same time!

"We are very proud of our new Twin Stacker, which many of our customers have been inquiring", says Erling Pedersen, President at Logitrans A/S. "I have spoken with a carrier, who with the Twin Stacker will be able to optimise the space in his lorry so much that he can save one transport tour every day!".

Using a Twin Stacker you get all the advantages from both pallet truck and stacker, and at the same time it can transport and stack two pallets. On the one hand you get the ability of the pallet truck to operate on uneven floors and on the other hand you get the ability of the stacker to lift the goods. The capacity of the upper forks is 800kg and of the lowest forks up to 1800kg. The capacity in total is not allowed to exceed 1800kg.

"To achieve an optimum stability when lifting goods, we have developed a unique system, which "locks" mast and propulsion unit when lifting more than 900mm. The Twin Stacker is fully stable and safe, also when lifting the goods. We have a patent pending on the stabilising system", Erling Pedersen continues.

With the very low overall height, the Twin Stacker ensures the user optimum sight conditions! At the same time theTwin Stacker has a very compact design and requires very little place to manoeuvre. The Twin Stacker is no doubt the perfect partner, when handling goods in confined areas!

"Our Twin Stacker has a very low own weight – and the carrier therefore achieves an optimum utilisation of the capacity of the lorry tail-gate when loading and unloading. Also here he can optimise his work. We have not worked out a detailed calculation, but we can imagine the environmental consequence, if all carriers reduce the number of transport tours!", Erling Pedersen ends the interview.

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