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New app for forklifts making daily checks paperless

In one of the first applications of an FLTA endorsed phone-app system designed to carry out essential forklift daily checks, Amvar Handling Solutions has worked with CheckedSafe to install the system at Sunrise Medical, the midlands-based manufacturer of innovative, high-quality mobility products and services.
Already well established in commercial vehicle and other automotive applications, the technology is now being adopted by the forklift sector thanks to the collaboration between Amvar Handling Solutions and CheckedSafe.

As Malcolm Mitchell, managing director of Amvar explained, “the CheckedSafe system is a means of carrying out the mandatory and legally required daily checks for fork lifts and ancillary equipment digitally by using a phone or tablet app.

This replaced the paper based system which in comparison has all sorts of limitations, plus the CheckedSafe system is very competitively priced in comparison to other daily check systems and we have included the cost in the monthly contract hire rate for all 8 machines at Sunrise, further reducing administration costs providing a seamless solution for the customer”, he said.

In this new digital system, the task is more efficient and consistent. As the user does the check the date and time of the check are recorded, the GPS location, the time stamp for each check, the time stamp for the overall check and the movement of the user monitored as the user moves around the FLT thus ensuring a full and effective check. Any defects found can be photographed and recorded as the check is carried out.

It is immediately available via a message from the app straight to the supervisors desk essential as management information to ensure safety checks are compliant and problems addressed. The company then has a complete picture of the status of the forklift fleet.

Naturally it benefits safety standards and provides a level of accountability as it can generate a full audit trail to provide oversight of equipment and operators to prevent issues arising before they have a chance to develop.

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