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New Arkenis BPO partnership with Oracle

enables EMEA delivery of next generation logistics. Logistics affects everyone. Every product made, moved or delivered involves logistics and even small improvements can significantly affect the cost of goods and quality of
delivery customers receive. Logistics today has become a key area of risk, cost and
opportunity as companies look to use their supply chains to gain competitive advantage, reduce cost and enhance customer service. Logistics operations have an increasing impact on brand value, market share and profitability.

The next generation of logistics outsourcing, 4thparty logistics (4PL) achieves a step
change in the way logistics services are delivered and managed. 4PL's act as supply
chain integrators, sitting above multiple parties in the supply chain to provide a nonasset based combination of services, information and best practice that help companies reduce logistics costs while improving customer service and overall value. Customers can opt for a complete 4PL outsourced solution or can benefit by selectively outsourcing significant components of their process, such as freight settlement.

Announced today is a new Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) partnership which
enables EMEA wide delivery of next generation logistics by Arkenis powered by Oracle. The Oracle BPO program is designed to allow BPO providers to leverage Oracle® applications and technology to drive greater productivity and efficiency for
their clients. “We are pleased to welcome Arkenis and their 4PL strategy into the Oracle BPO service provider ecosystem” said Oracle Vice President, Tibor Beles. “Delivering 4PL
services is a complex task, and a standards-based platform such as Oracle Transport Management is required to not only integrate supply chains quickly and cost effectively, but to also deliver process innovation. Oracle Transportation Management
was a logical choice for Arkenis to deliver their services on”.

Arkenis is the first company worldwide to partner with Oracle in a logistics-focused
BPO and the only independent provider of breakthrough 4PL to combine EMEA delivery capability, world class logistics process innovation and unparalleled technology expertise. After an extensive review of the logistics applications market,
Arkenis selected Oracle Transportation Management to enable next generation
logistics. Through this BPO service, Arkenis will use Oracle to deliver robust
transportation planning and execution as well as superior logistics visibility and
control to customers. Affi Khanbhai, Chairman of the Arkenis Group said “Arkenis is delighted with this new
BPO partnership with Oracle.

The Arkenis Logistics BPO service, powered by Oracle,
will provide previously unattainable value in outsourced logistics by combining Arkenis world-class process management and logistics expertise with Oracle
Transportation Management – the most sophisticated and flexible logistics application on the market. This partnership will enable delivery of significant efficiencies, cost savings and continuous process improvement to end-customers”. Arkenis, the pan-European Service and Solutions Company, headquartered in the UK,
is a provider of Outsourced Logistics Services and an Oracle Implementation Partner
focused on Oracle Transportation Management. Arkenis delivers business value to customers through process and technology innovation. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates.

Arkenis Group Limited
Arkenis House
Brook Way
Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7NA
T: 01372 204 700

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