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New automated handling container by Schoeller Allibert offers triple benefits

Schoeller Allibert, the world leader in plastic reusable transit packaging (RTP), has launched a new double-base lightweight stacking container offering threefold benefits for automated handling applications.

The Eureka double-base is a spacious, reinforced container delivering impressive loading capacities in comparison with products of a similar size. The containers are strong, carrying a unit load of up to 75 Kg and a stacked loading up to 1,200kg – almost double the capacity of standard reinforced models. The double-base design also reduces flex, making it compatible with all types of robotic handling without risk of becoming trapped or damaged by high-speed automated operations or heavy duty applications. Finally the container is finished with a smooth and hygienic double skin, with no grooves or channels in which dirt or debris can become lodged, making Eureka ideal for storing and transporting food and pharmaceuticals.

Simon Knights, Schoeller Allibert’s Regional Sales Director for the UK, explains: "We have introduced the Eureka double-base to provide our customers with a container which is sturdy enough to carry significant loads and stand up to the demands of automated handling systems, yet is still hygienic and protective enough to carry fresh produce or pharmaceuticals safely.

"With the best weight to performance ratio currently available, Eureka double-base helps to optimise warehouse content weight per square metre, and is compatible with all our pallets and covers as well as other Euro-stacking containers. Eureka can be personalised and fitted with identification options including RFID tags or bar code labels."

Versatile and efficient, the 600×400 mm Eureka double-base is available in three heights, offering capacities of 22, 39 and 52 litres, with the option to add lids as well as open handles and base drainage for fire hazard insurance requirements.

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