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New barcode reader with ProfiNET fully integrated from Leuze electronic

Leuze electronic often differentiates its products by the number of communication protocols it integrates into them. Therefore, Leuze’s newest barcode reader comes from its advanced BCL500 family and adds integrated ProfiNET, a World first.

Joining its Profibus ‘brother’ both barcode readers are unique in that they do not just communicate over a Profi network, but are fully configurable over it. That gives faster setup and the ability to hot-swap a damaged reader with a replacement unit without any need to pre-configure. A great advantage at 2am in the morning.

The choice of integrated protocols provides quick and easy implementation without the cost or complexity of protocol convertors, whilst the integrated web-server provides quick and easy configuration, without the need to buy or download software.

All BCL500’s provide barcode reconstruction technology which rebuilds a barcode from partial codes obtained across multiple scans, making it able to read damaged codes – Innovation that saves time and money from Leuze electronic – ‘the sensor people’, the barcode experts.

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