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New BRC global standard

The British Retail Consortium is announcing its newest addition to the Global Standards series. It will help the tracing of products through the supply and distribution chain.

Warehousing and distribution can represent a gap in product traceability. The Storage and Distribution Standard will enable retailers, manufacturers,
enforcement agencies, brand owners and distribution companies to plug that gap.

The BRC's Global Standards series is internationally recognised as the market leader in areas including Food Manufacturing, Consumer Products and Packaging.
It allows suppliers to show retailers that they are maintaining high standards
of product safety and enables retailers to have confidence in their suppliers.

The Storage and Distribution Standard is the first to be arranged into separate
modules with requirements that are tailored to particular types of businesses.
Due to be published on 21 August 2006, it will help companies working with all product types to demonstrate their competence.

It applies to all modes of transport and sets standards for activities such as:

· Product Inspection and sorting
· Contract Packing
· Quantity Control Inspection
· Contract chilling and freezing

Kevin Swoffer, BRC Head of Technical Services, said: “Storage and distribution
is the link between manufacturers and retailers but it can often be overlooked. For the first time retailers and suppliers around the world will have a universally accepted Standard which will make a significant contribution to
ensuring product safety and integrity.”

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