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New BT Movit range of tailored load carriers and tow tractors

Toyota Material Handling has packaged a complete range of tailored load carriers and tow tractors with towing capacities up to 3000kg

The BT Movit range includes a range of load carriers designed to aid efficiency when handling specific items. The demand for maximum efficiency in order picking, or any other operation that involves handling individual items, leads many companies to employ specialist load carriers pulled by towing tractors. The new BT Movit tow tractor range has been developed with features designed specifically for this application.

BT Movit N-series
A unique product within the new BT Movit range is the N-series. Offering towing capacities up to 1000kg, these narrow trucks offer exceptional manoeuvrability in operation. There are two models within the N-series.

The standard model; TSE100 is designed to tow load carriers in the conventional way, whereas the TSE100W’s configuration means that the load carrier is effectively docked to the tractor unit. This gives maximum accessibility to the load carrier for picking, as well as exceptional stability, which is ideal for second-level work. It also means that the overall truck length is extremely short, which allows for easy manoeuvrability in congested areas.

BT Movit S-series
Derived from the latest BT Optio low-level order picking truck family, the BT Movit S-series tow truck uses powerful AC motors ensuring maximum performance, and with a towing capacity of 3000kg ensures it is ready more intensive use in warehouse towing applications.

The new BT Movit S-series is developed around a Smooth Operator concept, designed to provide the best working conditions including an option of the new Frequency-Adapted Suspension (FAS) system delivering a new standard of cushioning when it comes to vibration in truck operations.

The E-man control system on BT Movit S-series models is based on an extremely flexible steering arm with touch-sensitive activation of the drive function and effortless electronic steering. The steering arm can be moved left and right to allow pedestrian control whilst walking alongside.

The BT Movit range of tow tractors is complemented with the Toyota Tracto range of industrial towing tractors that can provide electric or engine-powered pulling power with towing capacities up to 49 tonnes.

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