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New Camso Halftrack conversion track system

New Camso Halftrack conversion track system for 110-165 HP tractors premiered at Agritechnica

Camso introduced its newest conversion track systems (CTS) in a new tractor segment at this year’s Agritechnica show in Hanover, Germany.

NEW Camso CTS Halftrack – Easy fit, easy ride, easy win

This is the industry’s first genuinely affordable 100% bolt-on, half-track solution. It’s a development that means 110–165 HP tractors can finally convert to tracks at a cost that makes financial sense. Equipment will get better traction with less soil compaction, combined with the tighter turning performance and road speed of a wheeled tractor. The New Camso CTS Halftrack allows farmers to extend their field-access window at any time of the year.

“Simple, quick mounting and dismounting with our bolt-on system means your tractor retains the versatility you need to accomplish every job on your farm throughout the year,’’ said Kris DeBoe, Product Line Manager Systems – Agriculture at Camso. “All while minimizing downtime and optimizing productivity – key factors for farmers in today’s highly competitive agricultural market.”

Camso also showcased a variety of products aimed at maximizing productivity, such as the CTS High Speed, a 100% bolt-on track system, which provides combines with the floatation and traction benefits of tracks while allowing road travel speeds of up to 40 km/h, similar to a wheeled combine. That means less time spent on the road, and more time in the field getting the job done. This track system is newly available for more combine brands in Europe.

“Our objective is to continue being the farmer’s partner in soil protection and crop productivity. Our extensive product lineup provides farmers with an overall lower cost of ownership by minimizing maintenance time while ensuring maximum per-hectare crop productivity,” concluded DeBoe.

Camso and Michelin teamed up to present soil-protective solutions at Agritechnica

Camso and Michelin worked together to showcase the latest technologies in agricultural tires, rubber tracks, track systems and wheels. This was the first time Camso and Michelin product brands shared an exhibitor space since the two industry leaders joined forces in 2018. Possessing complementary business attributes, Camso and Michelin share the common goal of offering an industry-leading comprehensive lineup of tires, tracks and track systems for the OTR vehicle market.

Common Values

“We share the same values, culture, innovative capabilities and commitment to continuous improvement,” said Hugues Lajoie, Vice President and General Manager – Agriculture. “Camso is the global leader in tracks and undercarriage systems, while Michelin is the leader in pneumatic radial tire technologies. By joining our strengths, we are creating wins for both farmers and farmland.”

Visit www.camso.co to learn more about Camso products and services.

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