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New Cat order picker lifts faster and higher in the warehouse

Briggs Equipment, the UK's national Cat Lift Truck distributor, has launched the new Cat high level order picker. The product offers the highest lift height and the fastest lifting speed in the market.

The NOH10N lifts to a maximum height of 10m at speeds of up to 0.40 metres/second. The product, which is a completely new design, incorporates Cat's unique poweRamic mast design. By building the hydraulic cylinder into the mast's structure, rigidity and buckling strength have been increased by up to 500% with a more compact design. This gives maximum stability at high lift heights whilst ensuring that the driver has excellent visibility through the mast.

Cat Lift Trucks has designed the truck with operator efficiency in mind. The NOH10N offers greater operator comfort, safety and ease of use. The Ergolift system enables the driver to lift the forks to an ergonomically correct height relative to the platform floor. And reach distance from the platform is reduced by 100 mm to improve access to the load carrier. The new split control panel offers a comfortable driving position and a sensitive inductive detection system for VNA guided applications.

Visibility is critical for safe operation in the high and narrow aisles that the product operates in. As well as clear visibility through the triplex or duplex mast, the order picker has a unique see-through cabin floor which makes steering into the working aisle easy and reduces damage to guidance rollers and the rail.

“This product will help to increase the productivity and profitability in running a typical warehouse,” says Tony Rooney, sales and marketing director at Briggs Equipment. “We know from experience that the truck itself accounts for just 5% of the overall cost of running a warehouse, whereas labour accounts for 65% or more. By improving operator comfort and safety we can increase the efficiency of operation as well as reducing the lifetime running costs of the machines.”

The NOH10N is available in 24V and 48V versions, and comes prepared for guided operation and both high and low rail heights. Inductive guidance option is also available. More options will soon be available including an end of aisle brake system which stops or slows the truck to creep speed automatically at the end of the working aisle as well as an obstacle detection system.

With a PIN code start-up system and programmable features, such as lift height pre-selector, for individual drivers available as standard the new Cat high level order picker offers unrivalled economy, productivity and technology for the modern warehouse application.

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