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New CEO 169-year old family business Apollo Group intent on international growth

New CEO 169-year old family business Apollo Group intent on international growth

Claudia van den Pol, the new CEO of Apollo Group, has confirmed upon her appointment as CEO on the 26th of March 2016, that she is intent on the company’s further international expansion. It was during this festive occasion that her father, Jack van den Pol, handed over the management of the 169-year old family business to his daughter Claudia. The Dutch company is a global and leading player in the design, manufacture, sales and installation of components as well as complete integral solutions for material handling and internal transport systems for the bulk and the packed goods industry. In addition, Apollo Group designs and produces balers and debalers for the horticultural industry, worldwide.

Apollo Group develops and installs transport systems and logistical solutions for large customers worldwide, including Coca-Cola and Unilever. The production and sales take place in the Netherlands, the U.S.A. and China, allowing the company to service customers quickly and efficiently on a global scale. Additional sales offices are operational in Spain and Bangkok.

Sixth generation
Claudia van den Pol represents the sixth generation of this family business. Her appointment as the new CEO means that the focus of Apollo Group remains unchanged: the company will continue to focus on geographical expansion and the entering of new market segments. Claudia: “Of course the world has changed considerably during the course of Apollo Group’s existence and I will manage the company differently in order to deal with the current circumstances and meet challenges. However, I do have the utmost respect and appreciation for what has been achieved throughout the generations. The Apollo Group has always had an involved and loyal customer base, allowing us to expand and invest in innovation. In the near future this represents vast opportunities to continue our growth.”

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