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New chain conveyor brakes for pallet accumulation

A new accumulation chain conveyor being introduced by Excel Automation satisfies a growing need for organisations wanting to bring greater flow control over palletised or skid mounted loads, by allowing individual or multiple loads to accumulate and only be released when required. Product flow is normally controlled by PLC, but can also be manually controlled via pushbuttons or similar.

The new chain conveyor called Accu-Flow is a modular design enabling a multitude of lengths and widths to be built easily to suit specific applications whilst the drive mechanism remains constant, with the drive motor being rated to suit the conveyor loading criteria.

Design of the new conveyor relies on a hi-bred triplex chain, the two outer strands being of standard transmission roller chain design (for sprocket drive and guidance). The inner strand is of larger rollers that protrude above the side links of the chain outer strands, it is on these rollers that the product sits. When accumulation is required a mechanical stop is energised; this holds the pallet stationary whilst the larger rollers rotate freely as they are pulled along as part of the composite chain.

The chains run on frictionless machined strips, profiled so that the rollers of the two outer strands run on the frictionless material which also guides the chain by the side links with the centre of the strips machined out allowing the centre rollers to rotate freely.

The conveyor can be provided with either two individual chains for small pallets, or a multitude of drive chains for larger / heavier loads. Regardless of the quantity of chains on the conveyor, they would all share a common drive and idler shaft, allowing all drive chains to be powered by a single drive arrangement.

For most applications Excel envisage that only two main drive chains will be used to create the required conveying and accumulation needs. However since the whole system is designed and built by Excel at its Worcester factory there applications requiring three or more composite drive trains can easily be integrated into a common pallet or skid-handling application.

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