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New Chain Lube Spray launched

One of the UK’s leading chain suppliers is branching out with the development of a range of ancillary chain products.

Donghua Limited, the UK arm of one of the world’s largest chain manufacturers, has launched a new Chain Lube product designed for regular use or in between routine maintenance schedules to help extend the wear life of their chain.

Bob Wellsbury, managing director of Donghua Limited, said: “80% of chain wear is due to poor lubrication and, whilst our chain comes pre-treated to improve wear-life, our customers were keen to see a range of ancillary products which enhance the performance of our chain even further.”

He added: “Our new chain spray lube is particularly relevant for the Packaging & Processing industry, and on production lines where machinery runs for long periods of time, where high performance and reliability of chain are key factors in minimising down-time.”

The ‘General Industrial Grade’ lube contains excellent flow properties to ensure high penetration around pins and bearing areas. When used correctly, the anti-fling properties means the risk of contamination on production lines is minimised. Whilst Donghua’s hot-dip lubrication reduces wear from the out-set, their new chain spray lube provides a simple way to actively replace or top up the lubrication that is inevitably lost during operation.

The new chain spray lube is available from all Donghua Approved Stockists. To search for your nearest stockist visit their unique interactive map at www.donghua.co.uk/locate-a-dealer

For more information about the chain spray lube visit www.donghua.co.uk/accessories, email sales@donghua.co.uk or call 01902 866 200

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