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New compact robot at MACH06

System 3R UK – Stand No: 5291 Hall:5
The new WorkPal Compact Servo robot will be put through its paces for the first time in the UK at this year's MACH exhibition.

This machine is the latest addition to System 3R's impressive range of automation robots that are focused on increasing the utilisation and productivity of existing metalcutting and EDM machines.

As the name suggest the WorkPal Compact Servo has an extremely small 'foortprint' (less than 1.2m square) which enables it to be positioned on the shopfloor without major alterations to the existing set-up.

In line with the rest of the System 3R automation range, it is easy-to-use and provides user-friendly pallet changing for a table chuck in milling, grinding, wire erosion and die-sink EDM machines. Servo operation gives it a high degree of smoothness and control.

The large sliding door gives maximum access to the magazine, making it easier to load and ulnload pallets which are set-up when the machine is running. Up to 60 positions on the magazine are available and the full range of System 3R pallets can be accommodated – Macro, MacroMagnum and Dynafix.

In addition to the launch of the WorkPal Compact Servo, System 3R UK will be concentrating its displays on their highly effective capabilities in the metalcutting sector with the UK launch of Delphin chucks, GPS 240 pallets and VDP chucks with Vibration Damped Palletisation. These are all new systems which give major production efficiency benefits where high-speed machining and the cutting of harder metals is becoming the norm.

VDP – Vibration Damped
Palletisation – patented
technology now available in a broader range of System 3R pallets, including manual and automatic Macro, plus automatic MacroMagnum and Dynafix.. Allowing machining with higher cutting data providing increased removal rate, better surface finish, reduced tool wear from lower vibration, extended spindle life and lower shopfloor noise levels.

'Delphin' reference system – a modular clamping system with an 'open' reference system which is not limited by standard pallet sizes. 'Delphin' is machine independent which not only affords increased productivity but also the highest degree of flexibility. Quick change, accurate positioning and fixing of workpieces makes it ideal for mixed production.

The System 3R Trail – a
significant number of other companies also exhibiting at MACH will be using System 3R products on their own machines,demonstrating the added value delivered in terms of efficiency, accuracy , quality and productivity. For further details please visit the System 3R UK stand.

” The key to our success is our neutral 'open architecture', ensuring our automation and tooling systems are compatible with every type of machine tool and process. We have also placed extremely strong emphasis on developing software that enables machines of all types to communicate with each other to provide seam-free production. Ultimately this rewards our customers with cost-effective productivity-enhancing solutions, increased profitability and the ability to remain competitive in the global marketplace,” says Peter Lampitt, CEO of System 3R UK.

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