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New Company to Pioneer Major Cost Savings

in Textile Handling, Transport and Storage. A new business, Space Vac, is dedicated to reducing the costs of storage, transportation and handling of bulky textile products. Vacuum packing machines from Space Vac provide a secure protective plastic covering from which most of the air is removed. This substantially shrinks the volume of bedding, blankets, fleeces, towels, duvets, pillows, curtains and other bulky textile or foam based products.

Vacuum packed textiles are safe from damp, flood, dust, mould spores and insects. In addition, packages are cleaner and easier to handle and manage. Chris McCormack, managing director of Space Vac commented, “We can reduce the volume of many textile products by as much as 70 percent from the original. The potential savings by the reduction in storage and transport capacity required are vast, let alone the reduction in loss due to in-storage damage or soiling. Naturally, the level of vacuum can be varied to permit unpacked product to re-loft quickly for perfect presentation.”

Space Vac has access to many different materials. Pouches can be clear if it is important to see the package contents for identification, obscured where security is important or colour coded as an aid to management. The company will supply the correct size, quantity and specification of vacuum pouch. These may be custom printed with company or product names, logos, and other identifying or security marks where a customer needs this service.

Space Vac is a division of The Vacuum Pouch Company, a leading UK supplier of vacuum packaging systems for over 20 years. The company can supply vacuum packing machines, pouches and help users to make the most of the systems.

For low volume producers such as cottage-scale knitters or weavers, for example, the company can supply compact table top machines. For higher volume users the company supply high volume industrial machines. The machines are extremely safe and easy to operate and have low energy requirements.

More Information

Tel. +44 (0)161 797 6600
Fax. +44 (0)161 797 0077
E-mail: sales@spacevac.co.uk
Web: www.spacevac.co.uk

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