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New counterbalanced forklift truck from European Handling the Artison Plus

European Handling’s new Artison-Plus counterbalanced forklift truck is set to take the materials handling market by storm. At a time when companies are having to keep a close eye on their budgets, this cost conscious, ergonomically designed forklift is certainly no ‘young pretender’ when it comes to, performance, reliability and looks. Bristling with important operational and safety features, this premium level machine will leave the competition in the shade.

Manufactured in Taiwan by one of the world’s largest forklift manufacturers
the Artison-Plus has an impressive 7000 mm lift height and is available in capacities from 2000 kg to 3500 kg, at load centres of 500mm. Important operational design features such as the low vibration fully-floating driver’s cab, low noise emission Japanese power plant and optional CD radio will ensure contented Artison-Plus operators remain more alert, fresher and therefore safer.

Other key features include an easy-to-remove floor plate for speedy maintenance access, fully integrated tilt cylinders and an electronic direction changer, which safely allows operators to shift direction without the need to slow down. Other standard features include LCD central display, full bulkhead shielding, triple work lamps and road lighting integrated into the shapely overhead guard.

Cost of ownership is expected to be one of the lowest on the market and the Artison Plus comes with a standard parts only trade warranty of three years or 2000hours.

From 2007 to 2009, European Handling have sold over 250 standard Artison Series 7 trucks and have just reconfirmed their Sole UK Distribution rights with the manufacturer for an undisclosed extended period. The new Artison Plus, with its new design concept and high level performance criteria, will complement the current Series 7, enabling European Handling to offer two levels of Artison Forklift to the trade.

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