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New Crate Dolly Reduces Labour and Transport Costs By 15%

A new crate dolly system, claimed to reduce labour costs by up to 15%, has been launched by crate rental specialists PHS Teacrate.
The highly manoeuvrable SK3 system can accommodate up to four crates, each one being placed on the dolly empty and filled before the next one is placed on top: this avoids the operator having to lift a full crate. The loaded stack can then be wheeled onto a truck and the journey made with the crates in place. Unloading at the other end is equally simple and will drastically cut loading and unloading times.
The SK3's ability to carry four crates instead of the more usual 2/3 will allow carriers to move more crates per journey and reduce wasted space in the truck.

Teacrate's national sales manager Nick Burke said, “The new SK3 will certainly reduce labour costs as fewer people will be needed to load and unload the truck; but health and safety is probably even more important. The fact that no one needs to lift a full crate anymore should reduce the number of back injuries, especially in the removals industry which is our main market.”


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