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New delivery point technology helps carriers to combat lost or late deliveries

British start-up Locpin has announced the launch of its location-based software. The technology allows any address, anywhere, to be pinpointed with a unique code of 6 letters and numbers and automatically records its GPS co-ordinates. The system links customer information for easy recall, so that a location can also be found using just a phone number or email address. Providing this accurate delivery point data to ecommerce and logistics businesses offers a real enhancement to the address and postcode information already used throughout the B2C and B2B process.

Locpin’s software comes at the perfect time for the delivery industry. According to IMRG’s recent Consumer Home Delivery Review 2015, the three main industry stakeholder groups (consumer, retail and carrier) see about £770 million of annual revenue at risk due to the first-time delivery failure rate, which currently stands at 7.6% across the UK and adds an estimated 68p to the cost of every delivery made to UK consumers. With customer expectations higher than ever and back-end technology processes often to blame for poor service, businesses today need to evaluate this innovative solution. Locpin’s secure technology helps businesses avoid the pitfalls of relying on inaccurate customer data, leading to delayed or lost deliveries.

Locpin is easy to integrate into online checkout pages. Using the Locpin API (Application Program Interface), ecommerce sites can add Locpin into the checkout process for new and returning customers. Locpin’s innovative approach, allowing the customer full control of their location data, can increase confidence and satisfaction as well as reducing cost and improving efficiency for the carrier. This personal ownership – a pull, not push approach to data collection – also gives the customer responsibility for the accuracy of their own details.

Clive Beharrell, an investor in Locpin and many previous successful start-ups and early stage businesses, commented: “This is a simple and secure solution to a real problem for businesses in the logistics industry. It allows them to overcome the issue of difficult to find addresses and get on with what they do best, whilst ensuring that unnecessary delays and re-delivery costs are kept to an absolute minimum.”

Guy Davenport, co-founder and director of Locpin, added: “We’re really excited to be launching our software today. The system has been designed with the needs of business in mind and easy integration can deliver benefits to carriers, ecommerce and their customers from day one. Locpin is one of those simple ideas that catch on fast and we expect it to become an integral part of any address before long.”

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