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New digital tacograph card reader from Microlise

A unique new Digital Tachograph Card Reader from Microlise simplifies the collection of data from driver smart cards to allow subsequent analysis, storage and compliance reporting for Drivers Hours and Working Time Directives. The reader is available with both Ethernet and GRPS connectivity making it ideally suitable for remote out-bases where no IT infrastructure exists. It uses the standard file format held on the card so it can be used in any existing analysis software solution.

The unit is foolproof and has no complicated buttons. It only requires the driver to enter the card for the download to take place. An additional benefit of the unit is the ability to automatically download and transmit data from the tachograph unit in the vehicle using a low cost third part piece of equipment.For flexibility the reader can even be powered directly from the cigar lighter in the vehicle cab.

With the advent of Digital Tachographs in May of this year, the complexity and amount of effort required to manage both the driver's smart cards and data from the actual tachograph in the vehicle has been significantly increased. This is particularly true where the vehicle depot does not have the IT infrastructure needed to download the data and transmit it to where it is stored and analysed.
The new Digital Tachograph Card reader simplifies the process as it is supplied pre-configured to automatically transmit the data to where it is required for any card inserted into the reader. Downloading of data from the tachograph installed in the vehicle is achieved using an intermediate piece of equipment which downloads the tachograph data in the cab and is then plugged into the Card Readers USB port for onward transmission.

Stephen Watson, Product Manager for Microlise commented, “For many companies the introduction of digital tachographs will bring increased complexity and costs in meeting their compliance requirements. I am confident that this new Digital Card Reader will simplify the whole process making life easier for the driver and depot staff. ”

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