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New Distribution Centre for BOXfordshire Plastor’s

Plastor, leading UK suppliers of industrial strength plastic containers and storage products is pleased to announce the acquisition and launch of a brand new distribution centre in Chalgrove, Oxfordshire.

Plastor’s purchase of the new 17,500 sq ft distribution centre was an essential step forward to keep up with the increasing demand of plastic container and storage box products. Due to a rapid growth in sales over recent years, Plastor fast outgrew its 2 warehouses, based in Cookham, Berkshire, and required a single, larger warehouse within close proximity to its head office and showroom inMaidenhead, Berkshire.

Neil Harris, Marketing Manager comments, "The expansion is an important move to maintain the satisfaction of our customers expectations of efficiency and stock availability. Storing plastic containers causes more problems than most would imagine, firstly, unless the containers nest, you are technically storing air – therefore, a whole pallet space may only take up 40 or so plastic containers, which isn’t many containers on the scale of things. Secondly, many of the items are large, which again means you need a lot of storage space to hold large stock quantities, and if there are a lot of sizes within a range you require a vast amount of pallet racking space. The new distribution centre will ensure there is little chance of running out of storage space, and will also allow Plastor to hold more plastic container stock than ever before, plus we can increase the product ranges and offer our customers more of what they require, and deliver orders within the time they desire.

Plastor prides itself on customer service, which means supplying the right product on time, providing excellent advice and offering the right prices. Simply put, the new distribution centre will allow us to keep up our high level of service, keeping existing and new customers as happy as ever".

Plastor has been in ownership of the new distribution centre since February 2014. Since day one, a team of highly skilled tradesmen have been working hard to transform the building by removing a huge mezzanine floor that once supported 2 storeys of office space. Today, the building has been transformed into a very efficient warehouse, with virtually every inch carefully planned for the optimal storage potential. Fully kitted out with high quality pallet racking from Apex, and narrow aisles to cater for a Bendi forklift, Plastor has cleverly created the perfect, high-end distribution centre worthy of its investment.

Above the large reception is floor space for additional storage, this will be the new home of Plastor’s picking container range (Linbins, Picking Bins) along with a huge range of Really Useful Boxes. The bays of racking will store huge numbers of euro containers, stacking containers and the ever popular attached lid containers, plus many other industrial strength containers and food grade containers you simply won’t find on the high street. Alongside a perimeter wall will be a vast area to store the jumbosized plastic pallet boxes, available with feet and with runners, plus foldable and drop door versions.

Why Oxfordshire? Plastor’s new distribution centre is located in Chalgrove, Oxfordshire (Unit 2, Tower Estate, Chalgrove Road, OX44 7X2 to be precise). Oxfordshire is the ideal location for a many reasons, especially for the warehouse based employees, as it’s a simple commute from Maidenhead, Berkshire
(roughly 35 minutes). Chalgrove is just off the M40 motorway (exit at junction 6 or 7), and also falls within Plastor’s current choice of delivery networks, meaning no change in delivery costs or loss of highlevel service. Being close by to Maidenhead, also means simple replenishment of held stock at Plastor’s head office showroom, an onsite shop where customers can personally visit and purchase a range of goods and try before they buy.

Not only is Oxfordshire a convenient location to support the head office in Berkshire, it’s also a fairly central location in the England, allowing customers to pickup (on arrangement) goods directly from the
distribution centre, reducing delivery costs and saving time if items are required urgently.

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